How To Figure Out Substance Abuser?

Substance abuse is also known as drug abuse. This is a condition where a person consumes the drug in an inappropriate manner without the guidance of a medical professional. The intake of drugs can result in various physical and mental healths related problems.
susbtance abuseThere are quite a few people who love to experiment with the different drugs. There could be various reasons for it as in for curiosity, under someone’s influence, to have a good time or anything. But, lesser they are aware about the side effects or harm it can cause to the health. Substance abuse is less concerned with the amount and frequency but focus more on the possible consequences it can have in your body.

In many cases, the person under the influence of substance abuse can show criminal traits. In some cases, it even leads to long term personality change. Those who want to overcome this condition would need the support of their family and friends along with the proper medical treatment.


Signs and symptoms depend on the kind of drug used and its amount. Though, in any case, it could lead to various problems such as health, violence, death, social, homicides, motor-vehicle accidents and others. To avoid such troublesome situation, it is important to understand the signs and read the symptoms. Following are the possible traits:

  • 1)    Sudden Change In Conduct: The substance abuser would show sudden changes in their behavior. A happy person would start behaving as depressed and vise a versa. This symptom is clearly visible and others can easily understand.
  • 2)    Negligence Of Responsibility: Those who are addicted to a substance will have less attention towards their responsibilities. They would start forgetting their daily tasks as the drug starts to affect their mental health.
  • 3)    Mood Swings: This is another sign of the mental ill health. A person would start having mood swings. This would also show effect in a person’s social, personal and professional life.
  • 4)    Self-Carelessness: The person would pay less attention to self grooming. This could be another symptom of negligence of responsibility towards one’s personal hygiene.
  • 5)    Cut Off From Society: The abuser would be so much involved in the drug that slowly he/she would start disconnecting themselves from the society. This would also include them having problematic relationships.
  • 6)    Life Around Drug: The person would find his/her life around the drug only. All the time, the person would be thinking about how and when to use the drug. Their mind would stop logical thinking and all their energy will be diverted to the usage of drugs.
  • 7)    Loss Of Hobbies: As their all energy will be utilized for the drug they would start losing interest in any sort of physical or mental activity. This also means that they would disconnect them with their hobbies and would spend more time with their substance.
  • 8)    Changed Sleeping Pattern: As drug would start its reaction in mind, they would go through a changed sleeping pattern. This means, they would spend more time being awake at night and drowsy during daytime.

It is important to take the necessary step sooner so that the precautionary steps can be taken and the person can be saved from ruining his/her life. Being addicted to anything is bad; especially when it is a drug. These drugs can have various effects on your health leading to various sorts of physical and mental problems. The above signs would help one to understand if the substance is being used to cause the damage to their life.