How To Deal With Sleeping Disorder?

Sleeping disorder, which is also known as somnipathy, is a medical disorder among humans and animals which affects the sleeping patterns. This disturbed sleeping pattern can have many adverse effects in your body. This can be an indication that you are going through a medical or mental health problem. Ignoring this might leads to various troubles in your life. Sleeping-DisorderWe do sometimes have sleeping problem but that doesn’t mean that we are facing the disorder. Before you know the steps on how to deal with the problem, here is the list of symptoms that would be help you to realize whether you are suffering from it or not.


1. You will feel irritated and sleepy during the day.

2. When you are sitting still, like watching television or reading book, you will find it difficult to be awake.

3. While driving you will feel tired and sleepy.

4. You will face difficulty in concentration.

5. People around you will tell you very often that you look tired and unwell, very often.

6. Your mind will start reacting slow.

7. You will find it difficult to control your emotions.

8. You would feel like taking nap almost every day.

9. You would like to have caffeinated beverages to keep yourself awake.

Deal With The Sleeping Disorder:

1. Keep A Record Of Your Sleep: This might sound awkward but keeping a track of your sleep would help you to deal with it. Maintain a dairy which contains at what you went to sleep; at what time you woke up; how many hours of sleep you had; what kind of food, caffeine and alcohol and the amount of it you consumed before sleep; your mood before sleeping and the drug you are taking and the consumption of it, if any.

2. Know Your Body Needs: No two bodies are same and need different amount of sleep to get relaxed. Some might feel fresh with just six hours of sleep and some might even need 10 hours to feel fresh. It is important that you understand your body well and take the appropriate sleep to wake up fresh every morning.

3. Watch Your Lifestyle: Sometimes, your lifestyle is also a factor behind sleeping disorder. Avoid stressing yourself beyond your limits. If your work demands that much of stress then try to balance your lifestyle with the diet and meditation.

4. Avoid Naps: It is our habit to take naps when we are on vacation. By doing this, our body gets used to it and later we might feel drowsy during work. This becomes another reason that affects our sleeping patterns.

5. Take A Walk Before You Go To Sleep: When you take a walk or do some physical exercises before you hit the bed, you tend to sleep well as your body is tired. Try to include it with some soothing music and it might just work.

6. Watch Your Diet: Sometimes, the disorder is also connected to what we eat. It is important that you take proper amount of food and, if possible, a glass of warm milk or herbal tea before you go to sleep. You should also avoid any sort of alcohol or caffeine intake at night.

7. Pamper Yourself: It happens that when we pamper ourselves with nice hot water bath, massage and relaxing music, we get a nice sleep as soon as we land on the bed.

8. No Engagements: We often think of watching television or reading a book before sleeping. These habits avoid your brain to take rest and we would not feel sleepy. Try not to engage yourself in any such activities.

9. Count Sheep: We all have been hearing this since our childhood that when you are not feeling sleepy, count the sheep or even chant the alphabets backward. Well, this might work and you might get a proper sleep.

When you understand your body and its sleeping habit, you would probably feel fresh every morning. You will feel fresh and energetic. After all, that’s what we need to move ahead in life.