Help Your Parents Live a Cancer-Free Life

Help parents live a cancer free life
Thanks to the advancements in medicine, today we are able to live longer. However, if we could live healthier too, it would be like an icing on the cake. Now we are grown-up fully and earning a good livelihood, we should thank our parents for all the sacrifices they have made for us. One unique way of thanking your parents is to help them reduce their chances of cancer.

Let us learn some easy ways that we could ask our parents to follow:

  • Encourage Them to Exercise: whenever parents retire, most of them start living a sedentary lifestyle. Here is a rundown how you could encourage them to start living an active life again.
  • 1. Educate the parents about the multiple benefits of exercise.
  • 2. Encourage them to pursue their favorite activities for which they could not spare time when they were busy earning their bread and butter.
  • 3. Exercise and if possible play or jog with them.
  • 4. Get them enrolled in a fitness or yoga class. If going out of the house is not possible, make them learn the internet so that they can enroll for online yoga classes.
  • Make Some Wise Changes in their Diet: Since physical activity has reduced, it is important that you make timely changes in the diet so that it does not affect their health. Make sure they do not skip any meal and instead of taking three meals a day, divide their meal into six meals. This is important, as the digestion capacity also slows down as the age progress.
  •  Discourage Smoking and Second Hand Smoking: With the slowdown in the physical activity, it is very important for the seniors to shun all the bad habits as well. Moreover, with increasing age ability to perform bodily functions well reduces. Quitting smoking early also helps in reducing the chances of cancer.
  •  Ensure that Parents are Active: according to a recent survey, around 10 million elder Americans live alone. Living alone can trigger depression, and it could interfere with the overall health of the person. If living together is not possible, make sure you make them join a nearby volunteer organization that works for the welfare of elder citizens.
  •  Ensure that they are Financially Secure: if living together is not possible, at least make sure that they are financially secure. They should not feel stressed for money management issues. It could affect their immune system and could result in a heart stroke or heart attack.
  •  Encourage Them for a Regular Health Check-Up: as we have already discussed that with increasing age, the body loses its ability to function well. In such a situation, it becomes important to get the body check-up done every month, quarter or on a yearly basis. Tell them that although they are not ill or suffer from any disease, a health screening will avert any future illness too.

These are some of the ways, which you could try to ensure that cancer like health issues stay away from your parents for long.