First Aid Tips For Common Eye Injuries

Eyes are the pivotal parts of our body, which are also susceptible to any external harm or injury. Taking care of our eyes with proper guidance and providing them with the correct first aid is very essential.

eye-injuryEye injuries can range from a small cut in the eyelid or a visible scratch in the cornea i.e. a corneal abrasion. Getting hurt via many things like getting hit by an external object, getting hurt by a fall or accident, irritation, swelling, redness and itchiness all qualify to be an eye injury, which needs proper amount of immediate care and first aid.

Some of the key tips for common eye injuries are:

•  Take It Easy

Whenever eyes get hurt, the common instinct of everybody goes out to scratching the eye whole-heartedly until it gives you the satisfaction of not teasing it more or it has become a red potato. The immediate thing one must do when one gets injured in the eye is to keep his/her hands off the eye. Comforting the patient and convincing him/her not to exaggerate the injury is the first protocol while first-aiding a person with eye injury.

•  Identifying The Root Of An Eye Injury

The entry of an extremely minute object can also be easily detected by our eye due to the overtly sensitive mechanism designed by the nerves. Whether it is a very small metal or wood particle, dust, glass, plant matter or insect, the identification of the eye discomfort is important to effectively remove the object from the insides of the eye without causing any harm to the interior.

•  Flush Eye With Water

Whatever might be the injury, the safest deal to comfort the eyes comes from water. Irrigate the eyes with cool flowing water or sprinkle water WITH CLEAN HANDS. Water soothes and naturally cools the cornea. One can apply a cold compress as well. This can be very effective for hits or falls, around-the-eye injury.

•  Dressing The Eye

Using a sterile cotton pad, the eye socket should be covered properly or cased safely. If in any case, a foreign object has got stuck up into the cornea, DO NOT TRY TO TAKE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN. It could be fatal. Wait for the medical assistance to take any further step on removing it. Bandage the injury very carefully so that the injury doesn’t get teased by any chance. Holding the bandage in place, not trying to fidget with it are some of the strict instructions that should be given to the patient. Keeping the injured eye closed is suggested to avoid movement of the eye which could possibly aggravate the injury.

•  Call For A Doctor Or Medical Help

The ability to provide first-aid in case of the most sensitive part of our body is limited. Therefore, as soon as the first-aid is complete, try calling for a professional help, if the injury is not plain to handle.