Diseases That Cannot Be Cured Forever But Can Be Treated

The universe is about mysteries and surprises. Science is also part of it. Today many researches are going around various things, but there are many things yet to be solved and diseases are one of its part.


Previously there was hardly any cure or at least treatment for diseases like Tuberculosis, cancer or heart problems, but if you see now there are best solutions all over the world. Unfortunately still today, we have some diseases and disorder whose cure is yet to come. Till time the only thing we can say is have patience. They way solution for TB, cancer and heart problem have came into existence, even these disease’s treatments hopefully would be available in upcoming days.

Polio – Polio can affect person at any stage of life. Children are most likely to get affected with its infection, so many countries makes mandatory for young born child to have polio dose or injection at least for 5 years, yearly. It affects nervous system, making it half or fully paralyzed. Polis is viral disease and can be from person to person contact feces, infected feces etc. One can prevent polio infection by getting polio dose, antibiotics injection etc, but one already infected need to go under medicine while taking precaution not affecting others.

Lupus Erythematosus- A person diagnosed with Lupus Erythematosus disease has his immune system attacking his healthy tissue, as it is affected with autoimmune diseases. Initially, it attacks skin rather than inner nervous system organs but it has resistance to attacks other body parts, but gradually. Skin starts developing rashes, tiny boils, itches etc. the skin disorder even gets worse with exposure to sunlight or heat. Skin becomes sensitive towards many things, even type of clothing fabrics. If not concern with signs on skin the autoimmune virus can attack inner nerve parts as well, like kidney, joints, heart, brain etc.

Venereal Disease- It is sexually transmitted disease, includes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) and HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). It can affect any person, heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. Infected person first diagnosed with HIV infection whereas AIDS is its last stage. It badly affects person’s immune system. Till death the disease is fatal and reason of death can be other, such as cold, TB, cancer etc. Person never dies because of AIDS but dies as resistance power gets lower and other disease starts attacking rapidly. Venereal disease only affects the other person if they had any blood contact sexually or use of infected items like injection. Today a person with venereal disease can live longer than ever before with proper medication.

In all this vulnerable disease person should always take precaution before and after being infected. Ask your doctor what measures can be taken if you doubt about such incurable disease or related symptoms.