Controlling Diarrhea In Some Easy Steps

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you are in a bad mood just because you are going through an upset stomach? Well, an upset stomach can really give you some bad mood and this might affect your professional life, a lot. diarrheaDiarrhea is a one those reasons which can ruin your mood by a lot. It is better that you have the solution for it otherwise the damage to you and your health can be bad. Well, diarrhea can give you more frequent trips to the bathroom than usual. When you’re suffering from it, you’ll get watery loose stool. Normally, it lasts for a couple of days but then if it stretched to weeks then this could be the sign of serious diarrhea.


The diarrhea is caused by the virus. This virus enters the gut and infects it. This, as we said, can last for few days. Apart from it, there are some other reasons too which can be the reason behind it. These are:

  • 1)    Medication
  • 2)    Diabetes
  • 3)    Some sort of cancers
  • 4)    Allergies to certain food
  • 5)    Eating those foods which might have upset the stomach
  • 6)    Radiation therapy
  • 7)    Infection by other organism
  • 8)    Infection by bacteria
  • 9)    Diseases of the intestine
  • 10)    Alcohol abuse
  • 11)    Malabsorption i.e. the body failed to absorb certain kind of nutrients
  • 12)    Digestive tract surgery
  • 13)    Hyperthyroidism
  • 14)    Laxative abuse
  • 15)    Competitive running
  • 16)    Artificial sweeteners


Diarrhea can cause dehydration. This means that the amount of liquid in the body would fall down. This is dangerous for both; children and adult. In adults, following are the symptoms that can be seen:

  • 1)    Less frequent urination
  • 2)    Dark-colored urine
  • 3)    Dizziness
  • 4)    Fatigue
  • 5)    Thirst
  • 6)    Light headedness
  • 7)    Nausea or vomiting
  • 8)    Abdominal bloating
  • 9)    Weight loss
  • 10)    Fever
  • 11)    Blood, mucus or undigested food in the stool
  • 12)    Think or loose stool
  • 13)    Water stool
  • 14)    Sense of urgency to have a bowel movement


As we mentioned that diarrhea causes dehydration which can be troublesome to anyone. It is important that one takes a proper treatment so that it can be healed. Following are the treatment options that one can take:

  • 1)    Antibiotics: As, diarrhea happens due to the bacteria, it is good if one can take antibiotics and can get rid of the microorganism which is causing the trouble. In case, the virus is the problem, this treatment won’t help much.
  • 2)    Replace with water: When you’re having diarrhea, the water level in your body goes down. It is better that you replace those lost salt and water by having fluids. In such case, water can be the best option. But then, it doesn’t have salt. So, you can have fruit juice so that the level is maintained and you get fit soon.
  • 3)    Consult for medication: It is good to adjust the medication if it’s causing you the problem. Consult your doctor and speak to him/her regarding it and see how it can work out.
  • 4)    Alter in diet: It would be better if you could adjust your diet by adding up semisolid or low-fiber food in your diet. Follow this till the time your motion comes back to the normal.
  • 5)    Avoid food: If you are facing the trouble due to certain food then it is better to avoid it for a few days. Taking it more can make the situation more complicated and thus you would get into trouble.

No one wants a bad and upset stomach. But even if you’ve had one, you can control it by above mentioned ways. Take care of yourself and don’t let your upset stomach upset your mood.