Common Symptoms Of The Neck Arthritis

Neck is a very important part of the upper body. It supports your head, is the source of your spinal cord and also holds the nervous system well. With age, like other body parts, this section also goes through normal wear and tear. But this doesn’t mean that you ignore a little trouble in this section of the body.

Neck ArthritisNeck arthritis, also known as neck osteoarthritis, is just a common condition which happens with age. It is a condition where your joints and bones grow old with the regular use for so long years. Over the time, the degenerative changes happen in this section of the bone. These changes could be decrease in the height of the disc, thickening of bone and boning spurring. This, if not take care at right time, could lead to the pressure on the spinal cord and various other complications.

There are certain symptoms which could tell you whether you’re suffering from it or not. You might feel that your neck is getting stiff and also there is pain in that section. Also, this problem could lead to the generation of headache.

There would be pain on the shoulders and arm. There would be, also, trouble in moving your head properly. And when you would turn or move your neck, there would the sound of grinding as if something is being crushed.

Although, this could improve with time and proper rest, it could trouble you in the morning and evening time. When it leads to the trouble to the spinal cord, the symptoms may turn worse.

One could feel numbness, weakness or tingling in arms, hand, legs and feet. This is because the neck is the source of spinal cord and when the spinal cord is been pressurized, one could feel this problems.

Also, as the nervous system and spinal are in trouble, there would be problem in coordination and trouble in walking. This could also lead to lack of control over bladder. Also, one could face muscle spasms and abnormal reflexes.

There are certain therapy and medication which can help you control the problem. It is advisable that you visit your doctor is you are facing any of the above problems. It is good that before the spinal cord is troubled; you take the necessary precautions and avoid the situation from getting worse.