Common Running Injuries And Their Effective Treats

It may not be the contact game, but certainly, runners can rack up a slew of injuries while running.  Despite your finest injury prevention efforts, you might find yourself tackling with some pains and aches.  Most running injuries take few weeks to develop while within another couple of days it begins to heal down.


Have a look before to learn few common running injuries and some helpful ways to treat them.

Achilles Tendonitis

This condition happens when your Achilles tendon (the large posse of tissues joining the muscles in the back of lower part of leg to your heel bone) becomes irritated or inflamed.

  • Treatment: Although for this- Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate (RICE) is the first part of treating tendonitis or its pain. However, staying inactive for longer time can cause stiffness in your joins and later on will pain even more.  Thus, make sure you move your injured ankle through its complete motion along with gentle ankle and calf stretches to sustain its flexibility.  If these self-treats does not work out then have a check with your concerning doctor.

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are occurred mostly by rolling or twisting your ankle, which ultimately results in pain and swelling above and around the ankles.

  • Treatments:  If you, ever, twist your ankle, the very first thing you need to do is stop running. Walk for few minutes and check whether pain disappears. If the ache doesn’t go away, stop your run.  To trim down the pain and swelling, apply ice to the inflamed part immediately for 20 to 25 minutes within every five to six hours.  Cover your ankle with elastic bandage for a better support. If the pain persists, then get an x-ray done to look out the probability of a fracture.


Blisters are though not a serious injury but can be seen commonly among runners. It is the fluid filled bubbles of skin occur on the feet.  It can be very painful and irritable.

  • Treatments: If the blisters are not painful, leave it alone, it will drain by its own. However, in case those blisters are painful, you may have to pierce the blister carefully with the help of a needle, which is boiled for 10 minutes and then cooled.  Gently press the fluid out of the blister and once done apply an antiseptic cream over it.  Now wrap the area with moleskin or a Band-Aid to avoid any infection.

Black Toenails

Runners, especially the ones who are practicing for long distance running events, can come across the problems such as clack toenails, which is generally caused by rubbing of toes against the front of shoes.  This causes blood blister forms under the toenail, which eventually makes the toe to fall off.

  • Treatment:  it is best to leave black toenail as it is, till it is manageable. Initially, the pain would be worst but it would gradually lessen.  It then pushes the damaged section of the nail thereby giving place for the new nail to come. However, in any part you notice infection or redness, consult your doctor.

Besides this above give issues, runners can even fall prey to chafing, strains or muscle pains, side stiches etc., which can be dealt at home using some simpler steps like RICE, however, if you still can’t any relief then seek your doctor’s help.