Chronic Pelvic Pain – Causes, Symptom And Treatment

Chronic Pelvic PainOverview

The condition called chronic pelvic pain is the disease that can occur in males and females and should be not mistook with other types of prostates! However formerly known as painful prostate it is the condition that can lead to pelvic pain in people which would require treatment out of regular medication or herbal remedies. Mostly observed in males this can be marked by abdominal pain and painful urinating as well.


Chlamydia trachomatis and neisseriagonorheaa are the microorganisms that cause the disorder and may be responsible for distinguishing the disorder in males and females.


Without the infection in the urinary tract this may be a disease which may last for over 3 months and may cause perineal or pelvic pain in males and females affected by the syndrome. Fatigue, pain in the abdomen as well as dysuria may also be the common signs of possessing this disease. The pain may also expand to the back as well as the rectum making it difficult to even sit in a particular place. Not only that there may be constant burning in the penis of the male who suffers from this pelvic or perineal pain. Discomfort and debilitating pain may occur and may mark the presence of such a disorder!


Whether it is the immune system or the neurological system, it could also be the endocrine system that could be poorly functioning leading to problems of pelvic pain in the people. The nerves as well as the hormonal changes in the body could lead to this painful disorder and shall lead to a distressed life. Psychological factors such as stress and depression in the life of a person could be the top most reasons of such dysfunction and could lead to further abnormalities being passed on to the testicles, urethra, bladder, and etc. making conditions and health worse. Even the climate around the person could be a factor of such disorders arising. It is the cold temperature that can lead to the pelvic pain in humans and can also aggravate the conditions and the pain as well as could hit back a relapse if and when once cured or treated. It triggers the symptoms and aggravates the pain as well as the spread in the nearby organs too.

Diagnosis / Tests

There are as such no tests or diagnosis specially designed to find out whether the person is infected of the pelvic pain syndrome or no. it is the symptoms in the men and women that help to make sure that it is this disorder! Usually men aged between 35 and 45 suffer from the disorder and are most likely to suffer from chronic fatigue and irritable bowel syndromes!Urethral stricture and bladder neck hypertrophy are usually helpful in noticing and diagnosing the person with this syndrome. Elevated levels of chemokines and cytokines are also observed in order to diagnose an individual with the ailment.


The treatment for this disorder is extremely difficult and may range from the psychological to the medical help. On the psychological note, it is necessary to relieve the over tensed muscles in the pelvic or the anal area with the help of physical therapy. To run out the anxiety in the person is as important when it comes to relieving the anxiety disorder to help alleviate pain in the pelvic or perineal or anal area. Benzodiazepines and anti-depressants may be utilized in order to help alleviate the stress, depression and anxiety disorders in people to help the treatment of the pelvic pain syndrome. Paradoxical relaxation is very significant to help the syndrome from the psychological front and may be helpful to relax the pain out while on treatment. Alpha blockers and antibiotics prove to be very helpful to reduce the pain and to cure the disease. There are surgical methods also which are progressing to help cure the disease, especially in men.


Intense sexual activities, tight clothing as well as high blood pressure could cause the syndrome in great intensity and thus they should be put off as much as possible in order to prevent the occurrence of the syndrome. Not only this, it is also necessary to keep away yourself from tension, stress and depression in order to lead a life where it won’t pain down there and is really required in order to keep your endocrine and neurological system free of any stress.

Home Remedies

When you place yourself in 10 inch filled water tub which is heated to 105 – 115 degree celcius could be very helpful and is known as the sitz therapy which can be easily availed of at home and can have miraculous effects on alleviating the pain. If you have been douching and smoking, you surely need to put yourself off it in order to reduce the effects of the pelvic pain and to help your treatment to get you complete cure! Vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc should be taken in the diet in essential proportion to help reduce the dreadful and painful symptoms of the disorder!

Warnings / Precautions

When women smoke and douche a lot during the day and every day, they are increasing the risk of contracting pain in the pelvic area. Not only women, but also men who smoke, need to quit! Contraception used with intrauterine device in excess can increase your chances of having the disease too. Vitamin A and Beta Carotene taken in excessive proportions could lead to an increase in the risks of taking up the disorder! Unprotected and intense sexual activity could lead to the same too.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

It is necessary to find out the cause of your pelvic pain and how you could get rid of it along with avoiding the relapse. It is necessary to know more about your dietary supplements!

Special Note

It is essential to know that the symptoms can be mistaken with other types of prostrates and thus should be efficiently diagnosed to get the right treatment.