Chronic Cough And 7 Best Ways To Treat It

There are number of cough that last for very long period and Chronic cough is one of them. It is not a disease but it is occurred due to negligence toward the symptoms. It is a very common problem and doctors recommend some drugs and treatment for it Follow the treatment and get over it.

cough_2Initially, it is necessary to identify the symptoms of the chronic cough so that the treatment should be taken according to that. Check out the reason for causing the cough and treatment for that. It is caused by many reasons and stays in the body for few weeks and thus it is also called as persistent cough.

There are many drugs that are helpful in treating chronic cough, they are:

Medications used to treat chronic cough may include:

Anti-Histamines Or Decongestants: The drugs that can treat chronic cough are anti-histamines and decongestants. If you have any allergic cough these drugs are very helpful in such cases. You can improve your situation by using these.

Asthma Drugs: The treatment required for coughs due to Asthma are taken through inhalations. Always, buy the medicine only by the reference of the doctor so that you can rely on them. Inhaled drugs are the most effective as they can reduce the inflammations and opens up the airways.  The most effective treatments for asthma-related cough are inhaled medications that reduce inflammation and widen your airways. With the help of these you can get over the pain of chronic cough.

Acid Blockers: Whenever your lifestyle changes, hormonal changes occurs in the body. If Acid refluxes are not getting treated, you may have to go for treatments that block production of acid.

Antibiotics: If you are allergic to dust and some stuff, antibiotics can make your work done. In the case of bacterial infection, it is advises to take antibiotics. It will cure your chronic cough.

If you don’t know the exact type of Cough you have you can visit doctor for right advice. Doctor will give a cough controller especially when the cough is obstructing the sleep.

Consume Plenty Of Fluids: Go for water and consume a maximum amount of it daily. Water can treat almost everything. In case of chronic cough, it can eliminate it temporarily. Don’t go for cold drinks and beer, as they are cold your throat might irritate you more.

Marshmallow Tea:

It is a thick tea, that relax the throat and thin the mucus out that is trapped inside the lungs. You can make a concoction by placing 2 tablespoon of marshmallow in a mug in the amount of 8 oz. Let it sink for almost 15 minutes before you have it. Three cups a day are fine to have one marshmallow tea every day.

Cough Syrup:

The best and effective treatment for chronic cough is to have cough syrup. It passes through the throat and gives your throat rest. Cough syrup made of honey takes away the cough with the help of contents lemon and honey. Honey in syrup reduce the inflammation and allow you to breathe conveniently without coughing. You can even make basic syrup by heating mixture of 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of honey. You can consume as a medication and any time whenever the throat irritates you.