Change Lifestyle, Stay Safe from Cancer

According to a research conducted in UK, more than one third people develop cancer at some point of time, however proper medication and early detection can help one overcome the effects of the disease and lead a healthy life.

cancer lifestyle changesSome people believe that getting affected by cancer primarily is based on genes it is all about fate and bad luck. But in reality there are many factors that play a major role. According to analysis done by cancer specialist and experts it have been proven that cancer is far more preventable with some lifestyle changes than compared to preventive medicines. Although there is no proven way to prevent cancer, but it has been proven that by adopting some healthy habits one can reduce the risk of cancer.

The Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make:

Maintain Your Weight

Being over or underweight can increase the risk of cancer. Obese individuals have a higher degree of risk, of getting affected to multiple health issues and cancer is one of them. Make sure you maintain a healthy weight, shed those extra pounds and lead a healthy life.

Eat A Healthy And Balanced Diet

Make sure your body gets its required amount of nutrients, make smart food choices and include a lot of fresh fruits and salads in your diet.

    Include a lot of protein, fiber, and dairy products in your diet
•    Eat about 5 small portions of meal a day
    Choose low calorie healthy food over high calories fats or sugars

Quit Alcohol And Smoking

Tobacco is a major cause of many cancers, but a major cause of lung cancer is smoking. About a quarter of cancers patients are affected by lung cancer and over 92% of them are caused due to smoking. When you quit smoking you can reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Alcohol has many toxins that when enter the body and have a negative effect on its functions. Improper function of the organs lead to a weak immune system and you tend to be at a higher risk of developing cancer.

Research has proven that when you quit smoking and alcohol, you can increase your lifespan to 14 years, so you need to avoid alcohol and tobacco to lead a healthy life.

Protect Yourself From Pollution, Sun And Skin Damage etc.

Most skin cancers are caused by pollution and overexposure to the sun. avoid going out in the sun during noon as this is the time when the sun ray are at its peak, use a shade, carry an umbrella and regularly apply sunscreen before you step out to protect the skin from the UV rays.

Practicing Safe Sex:

Practicing safe sex is one of the effective ways to avoid cancers. Some off the sexually transmitted viruses may cause cancer, hence it is always wise to practice sex with known partners and use protection.

Prevention Is Always Better

Preventions always play a major role in protection against major diseases like cancer, In generally it is very difficult to detect cancer in early stages. However many common cancers can be easily avoided by simple and healthy lifestyle choices.