Calcaneal Bone Spurs – Home Remedies

A calcaneal bone spur is a growth of bone on a normal bone. Many of us think that ‘spur’ means something sharp, but it is just an addition of bone. It has smooth appearance but when it gets rubbed or pressed, it causes tremendous pain. Bone spurs generally occur on shoulders, spine, feet and knees. The sufferers of bone spurs are middle aged women, especially those with little extra weight.
Calcaneal Bone SpursThe best and most popular remedies to ease the symptoms of calcaneal bone spurs are flaxseed and turmeric. Turmeric in powder form is very essential in treatment of the calcaneal bone spurs. Combination of turmeric powder with curcumin seeds can be taken every day in the empty stomach to get rid of bone spurs.

Alternative to above treatment, an individual having bone spur can use those footwear that are well padded and are shock absorbers. If you use footwear that cause irritation and itching in foot, immediately change it to prevent further issues. If you want to keep your foot healthy then you must do light exercises along with yoga on a regular basis. You can use hot compresses prepared from linseed oil and can apply to the affected area. It is observed that it works very well in case on bone spurs.

DMSO i.e. Dimethyl sulfoxide is found to be effective for the symptoms of bone spurs. It is a colorless and liquid obtained from lignin which is responsible for bonding the tree cells together. Bone spurs cause extreme pain and restricts any kind of physical movement. One can ease the pain and pressure by taking hot baths, rest, flare-ups, gentle massages and addition of Epsom salts to the bath. If they are becoming annoying, you can even use Omega 3 fatty acids 1000 mg two times a day will help you to stay away from painful bone spurs.

Those who suffer from extremely painful bone spurs must use friction; it is a cream which possesses capsaicin and is responsible for providing relief to the sufferers. If your body weight is little extra, bone spurs can make your condition worse. You can improve the condition of bone spurs by including extra green leafy vegetables and beta carotene in your diet. Plus, try to reduce the meat proteins from your diet.

Also, horsetail and rose petals are said to be effective for the treatment of bone spur. You can make effective concoction of rose petals and horsetail by boiling them in water for few minutes. This mixture can give you relief from the pain caused by bone spur and can cure the problem completely. It has to be taken once a day.

The leaves of cabbage can be placed on the affected area and are to be tied with the help of plastic wrap. In the worst conditions these types of wraps can reduce the problem. This is the most convenient treatment for the bone spurs. There are some heel spurs that are responsible for causing pain in arches. If you are facing such problem, then foot exercises will definitely help you as they stretch out the ligaments and relax them. Rolling your foot on the water bottle is one the exercise that can help you from the spur condition. You can even go for foot roller for exercising. Now-a-days there are different creams available in the market which can give you relief from pain caused by heel spur.