Asthma- Types, Symptoms, Causes And Treatment


You must be aware of asthmatic patients and one those who suffer from this disease call asthma. It is a disease that affects one’s airways that carry air to and from your lungs, and people who suffer from this severe condition are called as asthmatic.  In such cases, the inside walls of the patient’s airways are distended or sore. This swelling or redness makes the airways tremendously sensitive to any kind of irritations and thereby increases your vulnerability to any kind of allergic reaction.


Some kinds of asthma that can be listed are:

1.  Occupational asthma – this asthma takes place when a person takes up a new job and there is something or the other that triggers an asthma attack. It could be the fumes, vapors, gases, dust of that particular office.

2.  Nocturnal Asthma – this type of asthma is caused by some kind of dust or vapors at home.It takes place between midnight and 8 am in the morning.

3.  Cough Induced Asthma – if anyone of you is suffering from this kind of asthma take logical steps to reduce it as it is one of the most difficult types to cure. In such cases of asthma the coughing can take place alone with or without any symptoms of asthma which could disturb your midnight sleep.


Some common symptoms are:

  • Wheezing
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Uneasy feeling in the chest
  • Coughing day in and day night


Recent studies show that, asthma affects approximately 300 million people in the whole world and more than 22 million alone in the United States. Although people of all ages suffer from this dreadful disease, it mostly starts in the childhood; currently it is affecting around 6 million kids in the US. One would be surprised to know that Asthma alone kills about, 255,000 populace worldwide every year.

  • 1.  Allergies: Any kind of allergy that an individual is suffering from could get asthma. Some of the common sources of indoor allergens include animal proteins, if someone is allergic to dust mites, allergic to cockroaches and any kind of bacteria or fungi.
  • 2.  Smoke: There are people who are allergic to smoke and they start coughing or feel irritated when exposed to such an atmosphere. It is advisable to stay away from such people even if they are you close mates.
  • 3.  Environment: some people are allergic to dust, pollution, paints, household cleaners that are commonly sued etc. all these factors could prove to be allergic to some.
  • 4.  Stress: people who have stress and take too much of tension and reach a depression stage are more prone to asthma attacks.

Diagnosis / Tests

Asthma can be cured but it depends on an individual’s medical history to the breathing tests that would be conducted at the time of examination.

When you go to consult a doctor go with your medical history as it will help him diagnose you in a better way with proper medication.

A physical examination will be conducted which will probably focus on your chest, breath, and your skin. Physicians will check if you have a runny or swollen nose or you have a high pitch whistling sound when you take long breaths. Get your asthma tests done as it will help your doctor give you proper treatment.


Some of the medications which one can use to get relief are

  • Inhaler-Use inhaler administered by nebulizers as it may help you with some relief and take it as a proper dose to help you feel better.
  • Medicines – there would be probably some medicines and medications given to you by your doctor to reduce the sore and inflammation caused in the airways. Medicines could either provide you quick relief or help you just control them in the long run.
  • Regular checkups – consult a doctor and go for regular checks for 2 months until it is under control.  Do not take this disease for granted and take precautionary measures.


Following the below given suggestions can help you to prevent asthma. The suggestions are:

  • health care specialists advice to stay away from people who smoke in the environment so see to it that you don’t as inhaling this air could be injurious.
  • see to it that there is proper environment control for people who are allergic to dust, pollution etc.
  • there are many children who are atopic but are not suffering from any stages of asthma, in such cases the data is insufficient and the doctor won’t be able to provide you with proper measures.
  • You may be having any symptoms that triggers asthma, see to it that you avoid such things and take necessary action.
  • take your medications regularly as prescribed by your physician.

Home Remedies

Asthma can also be treated using home remedies such as:

  • Drinking at least 5 glasses of water as it helps you clean your lungs and keeps your lung fresh.
  • You can also have yogurt as it has bacteria which cures diseases and also boosts your immunity system.

Warnings / Precautions

If you are allergic to dust or any kind of pollution wear a mask while you travel. Take precautions so as to avoid unnecessary cough and allergy. Don’t take too much of stress as it is also one of the reasons that adds to asthma.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

  • Ask your doctor what are the symptoms of asthma so that you have an idea of it
  • What are the precautionary measures to be taken in the initial stages and severe stages of asthma?
  • What has to be avoided in such a disease?