Are You A Patient Of Hypo-Active Sexual Disorder?

Doctors are of the view that hypo-active sexual disorder develops in a woman because she lacks any kind of sexual fantasies or sexual interests.

Hypo-Active Sexual DisorderYou are rarely ever in a mood, you do not initiate sexual moves and you certainly don’t seek for it. But why does it occur?

There are certain causes which develop due to your unhealthy and busy lifestyle. They are:-

Medical Drugs – Antidepressants, antihypertensives, birth control pills etc often collides with your sexual regulations and damages sexual cycle resulting into imbalance in the flow of sexual hormones.

Menopause – It is the time when women finally end their menstrual cycle. Due to this change many women experience mood swings, dry skin, and dryness in the sexual organ. These result into lower sexual drive. A woman hardly wants to involve themselves in any sexual activity during this time as their levels of sexual hormone decreases rapidly.

Depression – It is one of the mental conditions where the person always remains sad and worried. Such condition reduces the level of blood flow in the sexual organ and even stops sending signals to the organ. That is why women experience low sex drive and always stay in a melancholy mood.

Low Levels Of Sexual Hormone – Few of them are born with low levels of sexual hormone like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. They are the acute patients of hypo-active sexual disorder as they never experience such huge urge for sex or any other sexual activity.


Continuous suffering from low sex drive is causing a breakage in your relationship? And you don’t know what to do? Well there are some ways how you can treat your hypo-active sexual disorder and bid them good bye.

Talk To Your Doctor

Consult to your doctor about the problems you are facing regarding low sex drive. Go for the testosterone test. If the result comes out to be below 20 nanograms per deciliter then definitely ask your doctor to put you on a testosterone therapy immediately. Testosterone is the most important thing to stimulate your sexual drive and help you overcome the distress.

Relationship Advisor

Visit a relationship counselor with your partner. Let him know what are you actually feeling and why. A counselor will easily make you and your partner understand the ground you both are standing on. They will also help you with few tips to hold on to your relationship and gradually uplift you both mentally to overcome the disorder. Usually the sessions are captivating and would help you both to open yourselves if the couple is facing any kind of communication problems.

Change Your Medicines

If you are consuming medicines like Zoloft, Prozac and Paxil etc then you might think again before taking those medicines. They are the cause of sexual low drive for almost 60% of the women suffering from Hypo-active sexual disorder. So switch to the alternatives that have less sexual side effects.


Try to exercise every day. They keep your nerves calm and help regulating the mechanisms of your body.