Types of Stresses Affect the Nervous System

stressed man

Today we say life is full of stress. With growth in industrialization and developed urbanization, there is also rise in stress, which also ultimately affects the whole nervous system. The stressed nervous system depressed our mental as well as physical stability while lacking behind energy.

The concept of just claiming you or I have stress just doesn’t stop here. Various types of stress do affect the nervous system in different ways with varying signs and symptoms.  The major the stress levels the major impact it shows on the system. It not just your brain or heart rate who feels the stress but it is your digestive system also.

Stress is not only taken only into negative side of life but in many cases stress do boost up the energy and confidence of person to win the race as proved in psychology field. Stress is depended upon the person the way he or she takes it. Stress is a results showing towards external circumstances.

Classification of stress can be bit complex thus varying stress has differ characteristic to show signs and symptoms. Here are some following types of stress that affect your nervous system.

Acute Stress

Today every individual of society since from school kid to mature person faces acute stress. The reason of one having acute stress may different but at the end of the day it affects mentality (brain) of the person. The noticeable acute stress result shown most probably in industrialized world and people into professional field then after this section acute stress also arises due to family problems etc. acute stress works as reaction towards the unbearable or unwanted circumstances especially which doesn’t satisfies your mental desire. However, acute stress does remain for short period but it is that dangerous too. Reserved acute stress can really affect blood pressure to gross high thus it repetition can also cause physical and psychologically to body.

Episodic Acute Stress

One can cure yet diagnosis acute stress but episodic acute stress is much more dangerous that mentally yet physical affects the person and in some cases also lacks his/her confidence level. Episodic acute stress is felt because of various reasons with similar examples like past life, something that is remained to accomplish etc. This people always feel that they lagging behind and get easily irritated even by small useless issue. They often critics others and thinks that whole burden of world is put on their head. Migraines, uncertain headaches, hypertension sort of issues arise with long-term episodic acute stress.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress occurs due to emotional failure in life since for long period. Chronic stressed person can really noticeable get affected physically. Person starts neglecting the meal as keeping distance from socializing crowd with feeling of getting again fail emotionally in life. This type of stress do occurs in couples relationship breakups or emotional possessive bonding such kind of thing.  Person who depressed affected with chronic stress. Thus, this person not necessarily is hyper angry but can be quiet also keeping apart from surrounded society.