Top 10 Common Health Problems in Men

Eat an apple and keep the doctor away is now not just the thing that will help you to stay healthy. There are some risks to the body that requires a greater attention. Especially, when it comes to men, the chances of certain diseases may be higher in them than women. You may not believe that there are some very common health problems that men normally neglect till they aggravate in nature. Below are the lists of such 10 conditions that affect the males.

1. Hypertension: This is one of the conditions that widely affect men. With growing pressure at the workplace and home, individuals find it harder to cope with the stress. This may lead to high blood pressure. This may cause dizziness, headaches, suffocation, and difficulty in taking a breath. In some cases, it can even turn fatal due to the resulting symptoms and its complications. People who suffer from this are at higher risks of contacting heart disease.

2. Respiratory diseases: Are you a smoker? Do you love to blow away the bread on the 10 minutes of pleasure in the wisp of lead fumes? Then you can perhaps be the example of the probable patient of lung cancer. A survey has shown that men smoke more than women and therefore their lungs are more susceptible to cancer and other respiratory disorders. This may lead to a lot of coughing and lung inflammation.

3. Prostate Cancer: Males may be victimized by this condition. Prostate cancer is basically the swelling of the prostate gland in the male sexual organ. This results in issues while urinating. It can also cause severe pain while passing urine. The frequency of urination may also increase. It may even interfere in the sexual life in men. The person may not get a hard on because of it and it may even be difficult to resist the recurrent pain in the penile region.

4. Erectile dysfunction and Infertility: Both these health issues are growing in men because of the unhygienic lifestyle and some practices. The reasons for this can be the fallback of some diseases also. Men who are not able to sustain the erection or get one are the ones who have erectile dysfunction. Infertility is the condition when the man is not capable to play his role in making the women pregnant because of low sperm count or the abnormality in the sperm. Due to certain deficiency of nutrients and illnesses, this may be possible.

5. Obesity: Men and obesity are two sides of the same coin. It is nothing to demoralize you. But the alarming figures of obese men are touching the sky. There are many male teenagers and children who are overweight. As the person ages, it is harder to control weight. So if you do not take care of your body when there is still time, obesity is inevitable. You can plan out a schedule to include time for exercise and also update your diet to a healthier one.

6. Depression: The rising numbers of men suffering from depression is quite shocking. The causes of it can be the issues in the personal life or some mental diseases. These days, even the workplace problems and social networking may lead to this. The fallbacks of this condition can be much worse and affect people around them also. It is necessary to take proper medication and therapies to overcome this and live a happy life. Support of the family and the friends is very important for the men dealing with this dilemma.

7. Hair Loss: Losing out on hair can be quite embarrassing and common in men. You are more likely to see a man balding than a woman. This may be because of the scalp infection and skin infections on the head. Weak hair root and exposure to sunlight may also instigate this. The initial signs of this can be the thinning of the hair and then the patches of baldness mat start to occur. There are several hair treatments available today that can help men recover the lost hair.

8. Diabetes: Chronic diabetes is more common in men. This may be because of the hereditary or the malfunctioning of certain glands that help in producing and maintaining the insulin levels in the body. The highs and lows in the sugar level may invite more diseases. First of all, it weakens the immune system and also increases the chances of infections. Particular operations are not possible because of the person suffering from diabetes. Maintaining a healthy diet may come to rescue and prevent its occurrence.
9. High Cholesterol Level: Plaque formation in the arteries of the heart of men may result in cardiovascular diseases. The incidence of heart attack and strokes may double because of this. Cholesterol may become more in the body because of bad food habits. Eating too much of junk items and not exercising can make this more of a probability. A routine body check up will let you know the status of the heart and other body organs. In extreme situations, surgery may be the last resort to handle this.

10. Arthritis: Joint pain and inflammation of the bone is the basis of arthritis. Due to the involvement of men in sports and other physical activities, this disease may become more prominent in them. Abnormal growth of the bone may make this matter worse. You can consider going for some physical therapies and medications that will aid in dealing and coping with arthritis.

All the above health problems may have solutions to it too. So you need not be pulled down by it. Face it and overcome the same by following the advice of the doctor and the physician.