Testicular Cancer Is Riskier For Young Males

Testicular CancerTesticular cancer is fatal disease that affects one or both testicles of male organ. This testicle in male organ helps him to either develop or store sperms. These hormones not just help him to have testosterone but also help him to develop various other enhancing muscular physical characteristics. Testicular cancer is also diagnosed as seminomas or nonseminomas.

The research based on every years also specifies that the on an average 400 men do die every year caused by testicular cancer. Major death case of this figure is young males. The death reason because of this cancer is unawareness and negligence during initial stage with cancer symptoms and sighs.

However, even medical research hasn’t come with perfect final conclusion for testicular cancer but surely they have produced some factors that can cause and cure testicular cancer.

In Heredity– Testicular cancer   can happen over the heredity also. If any of your blood relation male family members is or was affected with testicular cancer then even you are likely to get infected too. It speedily affect the age of young men starting from 15 to 34 years.

Signs and Symptoms– Before the virus of testicular cancer spreads all over your male reproductive organ and takes off all your happiness keep eye on this signs and symptoms whether you have ever observed or not. If you have observed any of such signs go and diagnosis as soon as possible.

  • Initial Symptoms-On testicle gland, you may feel lumps, swelling and sometimes pain.  After the overtime if the symptoms start, overtaking the tumor you may feel like vomiting and heavy feeling below abdomen.  There is also possibility that you may have swelling or lumps over the testicle gland but may not feel any kind of pain or uncomforted, since this is common and silent signs of testicular cancer. Because of painless swelling of testicle, many young males do just neglect as part of hormone imbalance.
  • Advanced Cancer– In rare case many times it happens males even at advanced cancer when tumor largely spread with virus over the testicle gland still don’t notices pain neither swelling.  But to notice the advance cancer the testicular cancer attacks lymph nodes at back and starts hammering severe or kind of back pain or below abdomen pain. Generally, lymph nodes are small; the cancer tumor attack can make them enlarge.  In advance, the virus can spread in lung and rarely brain also. Affected lung or brain can cause severe results like blood vomiting, uncomforting breathing, and chest pain and headaches kind of symptoms.

Types of Testicular Cancer

  • Germ cell tumors– Affecting the cell that develops sperms
  • Stromal tumors– Develops in hormones that produces tissues in testicle. This tumor is known as also gonadal stromal tumor. Even it has two sub tumors as Leydig cell tumors and Sertoli cell tumors.