Health Alert! 10 Foods That Trigger Heartburn

Heartburn FoodsYes, there are certain foods that cause heartburn within hours post their consumption. So you may shun heartburn by keeping away from these foods. If you suffer from heartburn regularly, then here are 10 worst foods that you ought to avert.

1.    Citrus Fruits

Tangy fruits such as tangerines, grapefruits and oranges are the biggest culprits when it comes to heartburn.These fruits are loaded with acidic properties making them the trigger factors of heartburn particularly on empty stomach. If you are an avid orange juice drinker, then go for low acidic orange juice from now.

2.    Tomatoes

No, I do not intend to counteract to tomato’s nutritional value, as it provides lycopene and Vitamin C. However, you ought to know that these juicy fruit is acidic alike citrus fruits and might kick chest pains post intake.

3.    Onions And Garlic

There is nodoubt in the fact that onions and garlic add a zing to any recipe. Nevertheless, are you aware that these can trigger heartburn? For a few folks, garlic might trigger heartburn, whereas for some other people, onion might turn the culprit.

4.    Peppermint

This goes exclusive for the ones, who intend to reach their pockets for a peppermint pop after enjoying a great dinner with garlic, as this will make things worse for you.Whilst several individuals falsely believe that peppermint will help to soothe upset stomach, I will bust this prevalent myth. This is because peppermint can trigger heartburn, as it soothes the sphincter, which is the muscle between your esophagus and stomach. This allows your stomach acids to flow freely back to your esophagus.

For preventing heartburn, it is advisable to opt for the conventional way of brushing your teeth. If you are out for dinner and worried about your delicious date with onion or garlic, then always keep handy an antacid pill.

5.    Spicy Foods

Stay away from Mexican food outlets. Spicy foods such as pepper, salsa and chili may cause heartburn in certain people.

Are you finding it difficult to rip from dip and chips fully? If yes, then try to gradually slowdown the intake before completely cutting it.

6.    Caffeine

Your morning caffeine intake might be the cause of your heartburn too. Beverages that contain caffeine such as soda, tea and coffee are major factors of heartburn.

If you cannot kick off your day without that caffeine dose, then not to worry, as I am not gonna ask you to shun this habit completely. In fact, you need to cut down the intake and pay heed on the quantity you drink daily. For example, having a couple of Starbucks smalls might not sound excess, but it actually is equal to half a dozen of coffee cups.

So enjoy and limit your caffeine cravings to 3-4 ounces every morning. However, you ought to strictly stay away from having a mug full of caffeinated coffee to avoid heartburn.

7.    Alcohol

Those happy hours at your favorite pub or bar will leave you with hangover as well as heartburn. Right from those irresistible pomegranate martinis to beer and wine, all are likely to trigger heartburn. This is because alcohol opens up the sphincter muscle between your throat and stomach allowing the acid to traverse the same way as peppermint. In addition, alcohol can make things worse if you consume a heavy meal post its consumption.

8.    Avocados, Nuts And Cheese

Though these are high in protein content, they contain fats too. Irrespective of the good fat, heartburn is imminent with these foods. Fatty foods tend to slowdown the entire procedure of emptying the stomach, which causes bloating thereby, increasing the pressure on esophageal sphincter. This causes heartburn.

If you love cheese, then I suggest you to limit its intake to around two cubes when you are not feeling full for reducing the risks of heartburn.

9.    Low Fat Snacks And Chips

So you think you are helping your body by munching on baked chips and low fat containing cookies? To an extent, yes you are doing it to assist your waist by slashing calories, but note that this may even cause heartburn. Low fat snacks consist of artificial ingredients that might trigger acid reflux.

10.    Chocolate

Unluckily, people prone to heartburn need to avoid chocolates as much as possible. Chocolate not only consists of caffeine, but also soothes esophageal sphincter that might lead to occurrence of acid reflux. Keep the intake of your favorite chocolate bar to the least or go for some dessert instead if you cannot do without it.

These are the 10 worst foods that trigger heartburn and thus, it is advisable to keep away from these or limit their intake to shun episodes of heartburn.