1. Overview

Diabetes can generally be referred as the lifetime disorder where there is an increase level of sugar or perhaps glucose in the blood.


The hormone produced by the pancreas to control the blood sugar or blood glucose is called as the insulin. When there is a little insulin creation in the body, you may suffer from the diabetes dilemma. Thus to know more in detail we need to have a look at its normal procedure whereby a food gets converted into energy source. Many things occur at the time of food digestion:

  1. First of all, glucose or sugar gets converted into energy for your body.
  2. Hence, there is a start of insulin action which transfers glucose from the bloodstream into muscle, fat and liver cells, that’s the energy concept.

People who are suffering through the issue of diabetes have high blood sugar. It’s because the body is not able to move sugar or glucose into fat in the liver or muscle cells that can be stored as energy source. This can be either because of:

  1. Pancreas that doesn’t create enough insulin
  2. Cells that don’t respond to insulin
  3. Or maybe both of the above.

2. Types

Diabetes can generally be sorted as Two Major Types but there is also an additional type. Let’s see the three main types of diabetes:

Type 1Diabetes: –Type 1 diabetes can occur at any age either from children to younger adults. In this type, your body may create very little insulin or sometime may not at all. Here the doses of daily injections are necessary.

Type 2Diabetes: – Type 2 diabetes is often seen in adults who are seen in the cause of higher obesity rates.

Gestational diabetes: –Gestational diabetes usually has high blood sugar that progresses at any time of the pregnancy in a woman who was not suffering through diabetes.


3. Causes

Diabetes causes vary from person to person which depends upon family history, health and environment or ethnicity. There are no common causes of diabetes so let’s see according to its type:

Type 1 Diabetes causes

  1. 1. It is caused due to the distraction made through immune system scheduled on cells that’s pancreas.
  2. 2. It’s an autoimmune disease which can attack your body itself.
  3. 3. Some other causes such as viral or bacterial infection, chemical toxin within food consumption or unknown components that cause autoimmune reaction.

Type 2 diabetes causes

  1. The most common cause of type 2 diabetes is family history.
  2. Second most causes is illness or high consumption of alcohol, blood pressure etc.
  3. Another few causes are obesity, an inactive lifestyle, aging (after 45 years are the most risky factor) and bad diet.

Gestational diabetes causes

  1. The cause of Gestational diabetes in pregnancy is family history or ethnicity (some ethnic group may have a higher risk of gestational diabetes).
  2. Overweight or obesity
  3. Large baby weighing and polycystic ovary syndrome may also be one cause for gestational.

Additional diabetes causes

There are varieties of other potential diabetes causes which include:

  1. Pancreatitis as a cause of diabetes is known to be higher in risk of developing diabetes.
  2. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the root causes that are obese-linked insulin confrontation. This can lead to pre-diabetes situation in you.
  3. Cushing’s syndrome, a syndrome that increases the production of cortisol hormone which is a common source to improve the blood sugar level. An excess of cortisol hormone may convert your body into diabetic.
  4. Glucagonoma is a lack of symmetry in between insulin and glucagon creation level.
  5. Steroid induced diabetes is an infrequent form of diabetes that occurs due to lengthy use of glucocorticoid analysis.

4. Symptoms

Many people are unaware about the symptoms of diabetes and thus don’t come across its diagnosis. So let’s have a look at its symptoms:

  1. The frequently urinating issue is mainly seen in diabetic people. The kidneys usually take out the water from your blood in order to thin the glucose that in turn fills up your bladder.
  2. If you frequently urinate definitely you may need to replace it with liquid.
  3. Intense hunger may also be a major symptom of diabetes.
  4. Tiredness, irritability, blurred eyes, itchiness, swollen gums etc. and many more.
  5. Women with diabetes find it difficult recover the issue like vaginal and bladder infection.
  6. People above 50 years of age are noticed to lose sexual attractions.


5. Diagnosis

Diabetes can often be detected by carrying out a few tests such as a urine test, blood test, glucose level etc. that may result in diabetes diagnosis.

6. Examination & Tests

Urine tests: –

A urine examination may show in you the higher risk of high blood glucose. But a single urine test may not diagnose the diabetes.

Blood tests: –

Diabetes is analyzed if it is developed greater than 126 mg/dL two times. Thus this can lead a higher risk for type 2 diabetes.

Hemoglobin A1c test: –

  1. Normal: Less than 5.7%
  2. Pre-diabetes:5.7% – 6.4%
  3. Diabetes:6.5% or higher

Diabetes is identified if sugar levels are greater than 200 mg/dL even after drinking glucose every 2 hours.

7. Risk Factors

If your any family member is diabetic, you are at most risk of diabetes. So let’s have a look at its risk:

The family History

The diabetic person in your family puts you at a more risk. The closer is your relative is the higher is the risk.


Black populations are at the risk of diabetes at least five times more expected to have diabetes than the white one.

Your weight

Overweight statistics were more at the time of diabetes situation where you become inactive and most probably lazy sort of person.

8. Treatment

Diabetes can’t be cured by your own. So the doctor’s help is most common among these:

  1. Only in the type 2 diabetes, you’re able to have treatment that too with lifestyle changes. Likewise, weight loss solutions right through diet to surgery may help you to cure diabetes.
  2. No particular treatment is accessible for type 1 diabetes until now in the market.
  3. Treating diabetes involves medicines, diet, and exercise to regulate the blood sugar levels and avert indications and difficulties.
  4. Control over your blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure helps to reduce risk of kidney, nervous system, heart attack and stroke like diseases.
  5. To cure diabetes difficulties, visit your health care provider at least 7-10 times in a year. And have an open discussion about your problems.


9. Prevention

If you are at the risk of Diabetes, you may go for its prevention:

  1. Eat healthy foods: – Choose foods which are low in fats and calories. Mainly you may consume fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  2. Have an excessive physical activity: -Exercise is the best source to maintain your body healthy.
  3. Lose excess pounds: – Lower the unnecessary fats or pounds that lead to diabetes more often.
  4. Sometimes medicine is a possibility. Oral diabetes medications may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. But above given list should be followed at the same time.


10. Home Remedies

Diabetes can now be cured with few unaware home remedies:

Green tea

Green tea herb is the foremost all-world-accessible anti-oxidizing teas. It retains the gut diseases from increasing, increases physique body’s defense mechanism, and lowers the chance of cancer malignancy and decreases glucose and cholesterol. Uses up excess fat any time used usually as well as increases metabolic process.

Dry Coffee bean Pods

This can be a single unfamiliar diabetes mellitus trick to lower glucose stage. Eliminate the coffee beans (or even make these on their own into a great and also balanced dinner). Facial boils a number of the particular vacant coffee pods in the pint of water and allow them to cool. Put a little freshly squeezed lemon juice to further improve the flavor.

Raw Onion liquid.

  • Cut (piece) a little red onion round the equator.
  • Put this within goblet water.
  • Wait pertaining to 10 minutes.
  • You will see little milky traces got going in the water in the red onion.

Drink this kind of each day. Onion fruit drinks tend to be turned out to be support pancreatic create much more the hormone insulin. It is only good for diabetes type 2 symptoms, but it’s cheap, and is accomplished at home.

Apple white wine vinegar.

You need wholesome stomach just for this one. Should you be ulcer sufferer or even can’t stand apple cider vinegar, only miss this particular component.

Two tablespoons associated with organic apple company vinegar ahead of food needs to be taken to get a week. 50% lower sugar levels are usually seen in studies. Men and women being affected by diabetes mellitus had demonstrated enhanced soon after 1-2 weeks.

In accordance with the tryout, apple cider vinegar decreases sugar increasing following meals to be able to accept quantities even though extremely weighty carbs food.


  • 1 glass of vino or even
  • 1 beer as well as
  • 1 wine glass regarding Vodka or perhaps whatever you decide and prefer.
  • Have this kind of ahead of your meal.

Booze slows the particular gluconeo genesis inside the hard working liver (development of the latest sugar from the foodstuff) as the liver can be actively taking care of this particular glass of vino you got before dinner.

11. What question can be asked to your doctor?

If you’re going to visit a doctor, ask him / her following questions which may help you to know more about diabetes:

1) Does being diabetic imply that I would have higher risk for other medical conditions?

2) How frequently do I need to check my blood glucose levels and what must I perform if it is excessive or perhaps way too low?

3) Are there any medicines to control all forms of diabetes?

4) Do diabetic issues suggest that I need to give up eating my favorite foodstuffs?

5) Does my family have this serious ailment too?