Best Aid For Hypertension With Effective Strategies

It is reported that high blood pressure or hypertension influences four out of five individuals and hence it could trigger serious damage. Well, people who got affected with this are not all aware of this news.

hypertensionHowever, there are certain medicines, which could help in bringing it down, but a healthy routine too can work wonders in living a balanced life.

People who are diagnosed with high blood pressure might be unsure when it comes to medications only to bring down their numbers. Well, one’s lifestyle plays a vital role in curing hypertension. Self-control is needed as well. There are certain dos and don’ts, which you must follow to treat hypertension. Given below are a few pointers which when followed with high efforts can truly give you the desired results.

Cut Down The Intake Of Salt

fried-friesRestricting salt in your food can lend a helping hand in controlling your blood pressure levels and this on the other hand even helps in avoiding people who do not have it. It is suggested that one should not have more than 1,500 mg of sodium or six grams of salt that is same as one tablespoon every day in your food. Be conscious of the processed and packaged foods, which are too high in sodium content.

Eat Potassium At All Times

peasThis important mineral is very helpful in lowering the blood pressure levels. The suggested every day intake for adults is 2,500 mg and the foods, which fall under this category, are beans and peas, nuts, vegetables like spinach, cabbage; fruits like banana and dates.

Change Your Diet

mixed-fruitsIt is very important to have at least five to six portions of fresh fruits and vegetables for the needed fiber in the body. This even helps in reducing processed foods in the diet. Steer clear from salty food like sauces, fired chips and so on. Fruits and vegetables contain less salt and hence potassium rich foods are suggestedto those to cut down blood pressure levels. Avoid eating fatty and fried food stuffs as they are saturated trans fats and put them back with monounsaturated ones.

Check Your Weight

checking-weightHigh blood pressure has a tendency to give a raise as does weight. Every five to six kg of excessive weight can help in reducing systolic blood pressure by three points. Well, it is in fact true that blood pressure levels goes down as weight does. For individuals and for optimal health, a healthy BMI is very important to maintain.

Do Moderate Intensity Workouts

meditationsPainful situations can trigger temporary blood pressure in people. As a result, being physically healthy or active is one best thing that you can do or implement on yourself.  Make sure that you get enough sleep during the night and begin your day by performing meditation forms of exercises such as yoga, Reiki. Doing workouts for at least thirty to forty five minutes every day can help reduce the stress levels.

Drink Alcohol In Moderation

bit of alcoholTwo to three unites of alcohol is enough in three days or a week as too much of this can raise the blood pressure levels. Consuming alcohol daily can lead to an increase in blood pressure and so is why it is very important to restrict drinking it to a certain extent.