Worries??? Why Let It Ruin Your Life? Ward It Off With These Easy Steps!!

Why Do We Worry?


This is a big question to which some people answer:

  • Worrying as if something bad is going to happen, it prevents from happening worse.
  • Worry is the key to motivation
  • Worry helps in problem solving
  • Worry helps to stay positive

Many of you would find these statements to be baseless, but these are the very reasons given by people. You might have heard people saying, reason the adversity happened, because we did not think of the negative consequences. When people say that worry give them a direction to march ahead, i think that it works otherwise. Instead of helping you solve the issue, you feel anxious and so it affects your concentration.

How To Ward Off These Worrisome Signs?

Make A Note Of All Your Worries In A Diary : make it a daily habit. You will eventually notice that penning down the worries helps you worry less and you are able to solve them even while writing. Isn’t this wonderful?

If you are not able to find the solution, do not be afraid. You at least are able to pen down your deepest thoughts, fears and anxieties. There have been researches which prove that doing such an activity have various health and psychological benefits.

Be Physically Active : Exercising regularly has a profound and positive impact on the mental health. Physical activity improves and increases the blood flow that eventually leads to improved neurological system. It is not a permanent cure however; you will notice a major improvement.

Mark A Separate Worry Time :  now, when you have recognized your worry, try that it does not interfere with your daily routine. The best thing is, set a time to worry. It could be post lunch, dinner or during the evening stroll. During this time, you should also indulge in some kind of brainstorming that will help you to fix the worries.

Try To Get Proper Sleep : one of the most possible causes of these unwanted thoughts is the lack of proper sleep. This proper sleep is an effective remedy to many problems. I know that it is hard to sleep, however, try to close your eyes and think of the good times you have spent with the family. Or listen to some instrumental tunes. You will get up the next day, feeling refreshed and probably with the effective solution to treat your worry.

Try To Find Time For Activities That You Enjoy : again, it is very hard to find time for recreational activities. Let it go man. Sometimes, it is good to keep work aside and spend time refreshing yourself. Play football with a group of small boys, take your girlfriend or spouse on a long ride, spend time gardening. No, your problems will not be solved however; you will now face them with new zeal and energy.

Talk To Your Friends/Family Or Spouse For Help : sharing your thoughts with the most important people in your life, makes you feel lighthearted. You could even get a cue of how they dealt with the same problem. Their advice will surely be of big help for you.

These are some of the things, which you could try to keep these worries, unwanted thoughts from worrying you.