What Is Social Anxiety Disorder ?

Social Anxiety Disorder

Not everyone is as confident and sure of talking themselves out in public and striking that perfect conversation with people around you. This sort of discomfort could not only be a characteristic of the person’s nature, but most of the times it is a disorder that occurs in many people. These are the people who experience intense fear and dread the social environment. This is not merely characterized by low confidence and self-esteem, its effects are noticed by way of stammering as well as sweating when you in a situation where you feel the fear on being part of.

Do you tend to blush, tremble or palpitate when you are in a generalized situation? This is no situation that deserves being given significance to. It is merely a part of your life and is required to bond with the outer world. However but, you do realize that you were better off, off this happening because your heart tends to beat faster and your breathing escalates. Where you panic, is when you feel that you may just land up embarrassing yourself and your entourage when in a social atmosphere, at a public event with a jammed network of people – which may just make you flip over how to get out of the place, as it almost choked you.

However, it isn’t suggested to be an extrovert or even outgoing. But yet, it isn’t right to get hyper and conscious as well as start developing a fear of general social situations in life. This could play a toll on your health in various ways as it will result in unexpected behaviors on your end and shall turn your persona unpleasant. There are people who can get counseling over such dilemmas in life and can thereby sort out their fears, overcome them and start living a normal and neutral social life. Whereas the other counterparts may not find this as simple and counseling may do negligible for them. They’re condition if not looked after, can definitely land them up in deep trouble as they may just turn into alcoholics or may even fall prey to drug abuse, to avoid and mark absent this ‘social anxiety disorder’. What takes on to such conditions, is the extreme feeling of nervousness among such people about being under a continuous microscopic inspection by someone in public which may just make them show symptoms of anxiety.

Prescribed drugs like anti-depressants may be of use while Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most helpful and weighty medication for such issues. Even tranquilizers are good enough and as important are the beta blockers for heart related problems in such cases. The CBT therapy may include systematic desensitization or real life exposure to the feared situation, in order to put forward the irrelevance of the situation in the victims life and how ‘not important enough’ it is, to not make a difference to the victims life, thereby pulling the person out of the fear of these. Yogic and breathing exercises as well as relaxation techniques can be of great help to calm out the worries and stress of such people, thereby helping them improve on their social front.