Stress Busters For Office Goers

Stress can be defined as the physiological and different mental pressures that are experienced in our day-to-day lives. It can be classified in two categories namely positive and negative. When a person desires to achieve something, it is the positive stress that motivates him to give his best performance. Whereas, negative stress come into play when a person is disturbed emotionally, physically, or socially.Stress Busters for Office GoersIt has been found that severe stress can cause several health issues and at extreme cases, it can even lead to death. Managing emotions, thoughts and the manner of dealing with things is all what it takes to keep the stress levels under control. Most of the office-goers with huge work-load often fall prey to stress as they don’t get time to look after their health and therefore, attracts other health problems as well. However, following are the few steps specifically for office-goers which can help to fight stress and keep it under control.

  • One of the best methods to relieve stress is the acupuncture therapy. Meditating and a massage can help too.
  • To stay away from carpal tunnel syndrome, make sure that your chair and keyboard are in ergonomically right positions.
  • Exploit your ‘positive stress’ to beat ‘negative stress’. Only think positive and avoid focusing on negative aspects of the day.
  • Talk to your loves ones. Having a chat with your loved ones helps to calm your mind and boosting up the feel-good hormone oxytocin.
  • Listen to some good music. Melodies stand as a distraction and reduce muscle tension. It also helps in cutting down the levels of stress hormone cortisol. It has been found that Mozart music helps in improving creativity, task performance and communication skills.
  • Try not to take work home and finish the task staying at office itself. Those taking work home are 20 times more prone to heart problems.
  • Keep your desk clean by removing unwanted materials to avoid needless distractions. Clear environment helps in freeing your mind and boost productivity.
  • Another best method to get over sudden increase in stress level is counting numbers in some foreign language.
  • Stay away from those who bring stress to you.
  • Eat healthy food and take adequate sleep.
  • Take time to watch your favourite funny movie. Also, try to catch up with your friends to brighten up your mood.
  • Play some simple video game as it too helps in relieving stress.