Steps To Avert Your Temper

Getting into frequent fights and arguments is a chronic issue. It is doing you much harm, then anything else. When these anger spirals get out of control, your sense of being able to be calm and relaxed is taken along with it.

avert-your-angerYou need to be visualizing yourself from a distance, and then maybe you’d be able see the consequent negative impact it has on your health, mentally and physically.

Reasons Why Anger Is Dangerous Physically

Always in an off mood and losing your temper makes you susceptible to diabetes, high cholesterol levels, a weak immune system, heart diseases, hypertension, high blood pressure and insomnia. Operating at an increased level of stress and tension and being off your zone makes you forgetful of your surroundings, making it easier to not being able to think in difficult situations. This in return increases your chances falling into accidents and terrible mishaps. To be angry is to invite trouble.

Reasons Why Anger Is Dangerous Mentally

There is a huge ounce of energy that is sucked when a person is angry. Your urge to lead a life that is happy and relaxed becomesblurry. Lashing out alienates you at your work and home. Making it difficult everywhere you go. Yourself-respect and confidence gets eroded in such circumstances. A happy family life or fun friend circle can outcast you, since you do not fall into a happy zone and there is always an issue to deal with your presence. Being isolated in such a way makes you prone to an unhappy ending.


Eating a balanced diet can help you fight your temper. Certain foods instigate quick reactions. Junk food may taste excellent at the start but they do have a huge role in making you a tad more aggressive than your healthy counterparts.

Taking a timeout is for adults too. Counting until ten, or opting for any other technique that works for you before reacting to a tense situation is a good start. Take a break from the person or situation and indulge yourself in an activity that releases all that stress constructively.

Indulge in breathing exercises not only when you are angry but otherwise also. Yoga is a great technique to calm down unwanted worry and convert it into constructive positivity. It will just bring you closer to that core within, which reflects nothing but peace. Giving way to that light inside and allowing it to illuminate will take away all basic need to get angry too.

Plan you forthcoming day a night prior so that you are able to avoid unforeseen mishaps. In this way you are eradicating the root that triggers bad mood in the first place. If you procrastinate your activities, it is easy to fall into the circle of frustration. It could be easy to leave it for another day, but it is highly inflammable until then.

Understand the true source of your frustration. Having a grudge over petty issues could be a very small picture in order to hide the bigger major issue that needs to be dealt with. Meditation, constructive thing, regular discussions will only help you to get to the root of the issue.

Get passionate about anything in life. It could be dancing, painting, gardening or collecting weird souvenirs. This creativity helps you focus on the brighter side of life. You are concentrating all your enthusiasm into things that please you. And anger doesn’t please you or anyone else.

These are but a few out of the many tips that could inspire to stay relaxed in shaky circumstances. Do not lose yourself, while losing all that temper.