Simple Tricks To Beat Dementia

Caring For DementiaDeaths due to dementia have gone up by around 140% in the last few years and this is the reason why health experts advise to stay active to beat dementia.

Eat Foods That Boost The Health Of Brain

Similar to other body parts, your brain will function at its best when you feed it with some healthy and nutritious diet.

Whilst a well-balanced diet is advisable, there are some specific foods that boost brain health, which when taken help to beat dementia naturally. Thus, you ought to ask your doctor about the foods that can help deal with dementia in your case.

For instance, the Mediterranean diet, which consists of fresh vegetables/fruits and fish is highly advisable, since these are rich source of essential antioxidants and fatty acids that enhance brain health.

Studies have proved that a healthy diet that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants play a pivotal role in curbing the risks of dementia. So make sure that you diet provides you with these vital nutrients.

Keep away from trans-fats found in packaged and processed foods as well as reduce the intake of foods that contain saturated fats.

Stay Active Physically And Go For Regular Health Checkups

Many studies have found that staying active is helpful for brain and cognition health. It even curbs the risks of dementia.

Alike heart, brain too is vascular and thereby, exercising becomes vital to maintain the sufficient flow of blood to your brain. This is the reason why doctors suggest performing moderate exercise for around half an hour daily for optimum brain health.

For a person who is above 45, it is imperative to undergo tests for high cholesterol and diabetes in every couple of years or as per the doctor’s suggestion.

According to many health studies, high cholesterol levels in the late and mid stages of life may shoot up the risks of Alzheimer’s, whereas diabetes might increase the perils by around 60%.

Test Your Brain With Fresh And New Activities

A recent study indicates that any psychological activity that involves learning and thinking might prevent the risks of dementia.

Further, as per a few researchers, challenging your brain might assist in building brain reserves that act like brain back-up, which again helps to beat dementia.

Thus, many doctors recommend engaging regularly in activities like playing crosswords and jigsaws, cards, board games, reading, language learning course, watching movies in a theater and researching on some preferred topic, etc.

Get Sound Sleep

Getting adequate is very important for brain. Improper or disordered sleep during the mid-life stage might affect protein amyloidbeta, which is linked with dementia.

Cut Down On Cigarettes And Booze

Excessive alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking can destroy brain cells and thus, it is advisable to quit smoking to improve brain health. Talking about alcohol, drink in limits and avoid excessive boozing.

Keep It Cool

If struggling with some kind of stress, then try to learn about ways to manage it in a better way to keep dementia at bay. Studies indicate that depression might trigger dementia too. Therefore, if struggling to deal with stress or feel low too often, then it is advisable to consult your doctor at the earliest.

Last but not the least, try to have active social life to beat dementia. A few researchers believe that being socially active helps to fortify brain’s connections and make it resilient to face damage in future.