Personality Disorder – Types

All of us have a particular personality and traits; some of them come from genetics and some from personal experiences. The person suffering from personality disorders have abnormal mental health. These disorders are developed in childhood and lasts till adulthood. The reason behind developing personality disorder is unforgettable dangerous events and sexual abuse happened in childhood.
Personality DisorderThere are several types of personality disorders and few of them are:

Antisocial Disorder:

According to Mental Health act, 1983 it is referred as ‘psychopathy’. It is identified in an individual after the age of 18 and the symptoms can be recognized in the early years from the behavior. However, when it is identified, you can start the treatment.

The symptoms of these disorders are: behave illegally in public leading to get arrested, deceive people, extra aggressive behavior, get bored easily and depression a number of times, behave spontaneously, irresponsible behavior toward people, no care about the feeling and emotion of the people and no regrets about the mistakes. People dealing with antisocial behavior not necessarily have each of these symptoms; some might experience other conditions such as anxiety, depression and addiction towards alcohol and drugs.

Anxious Disorder:

People having this type of disorder avoid socializing and working in groups due to inferiority complex. The people with this disorder always expect criticism and disapproval from others and keep worrying about being rejected from the work and any activity. They have a fear of being shamed by friends and colleagues and thus avoid getting into relationships and friendships. Psychotherapy is a solution for such people.

Dependent Disorder:

This personality disorder remains in a person for a long term. People with this disorder; depend on others too much to fulfill their physical and emotional needs. This disorder is developed from childhood. Individuals having this disorder fail to believe in their own decisions. They might go through too many abuses to maintain a relationship. With the help of psychotherapy, therapists can make the sufferers feel confident about their abilities and themselves. There are some symptoms also which can be treated with the help of medications.

Obsessive Personality Disorder:

This is a personal disorder which comes with perfectionism, orderliness, mental control and efficiency. People having this disorder feel anxious when they do a particular task wrong. People suffering from this disorder have a habit of keeping their home organized, saving money and confused of handing over the tasks to other by the fear of the task will not get completed in a right manner. This personality disorder comes from genes.

Narcissistic Disorder:

The people having this disorder are more concerned about self-importance and are obsessed about them. This disorder leads a person to love themselves in excess, superiority complex and preoccupation with power. Sufferers of this disorder are found to be arrogant, self-centered and confident. They need lot of attention, expectation of special treatment from everyone and deceiving other people for personal success or profits.

Paranoid Disorder:

This is a disorder in which individual lead to a psychiatric condition. A person suffering from this condition is always suspicious and never anybody for a long period.  These people keep on doubting other people regarding their intentions and motives which makes them extra attentive. Medications and psychotherapy are the treatments for this condition.

Schizoid Disorder:

The people with this disorder are introvert and not socialize much. They do not interact with other people and prefer staying alone. They are always absorbed in their own feeling and thoughts. They have no desires in life and not interested in any kind of activities.