Negatives Of Stress, Lack Of Sleep

Research has revealed that the first show up signal of ill sleeping habits and stress taken up in our life is the face! Yes the skin on our face shows it all. One may just look at you and tell you that you are a dead man or an inefficient player today, as your skin tends to look dull and you look completely worn out as you have not given your skin enough rest that it deserves during the night! The glow of your face may be just ruined if you do not get it the requisite of enough rest and those wrinkles and acne that may just start popping up soon are a result of the same! Make sure that you do catch up on good sleep! At least 6 to 8 hours is not what your mind, body and soul are demanding a lot right? This is the minimum that we can do to nourish our health in a manner in order to not show up with blotches and dry marks and a wrinkled face when you finally get some time to party out of your busy schedule!
StressEver heard of your digestion getting uprooted from its normal functioning and behavior because of the amount of stress filled up in your mind regarding a 100 things, and chores that you need to complete and have taken up on your tiny tender shoulders?It is very true! Your digestion may also start reacting giving you the “under the weather” symptoms or may be just constipation when you go against the nature which set up standards of sleeping in the night and not napping and snoozing at the wrong time during the day!

It is important to abide by your responsibilities and duties but definitely not at the risk of your own systems giving away in a poor manner!

Late nights can make up for a lot of sick days! It is truly researched and says it all. Sick in the sense? Yes, you are not in your senses that it exactly why you have been pulling off the moves of sleeping late which you may not believe but can shorten the length of your life! It is very obvious that once your systems in the body do not work the right way, that you are going to make up for a lot of invitations to various disorders – obesity, hypertension, diabetes as well as those of the cardio vascular nature which may make you just weak by the day and get you all dependent on the medication for life!

The various hormones in one’s body, the systems of reproduction, digestion, excretion as well as the neurological system and the brain require to get off the stress in the daily life and to catch up on the requisite of life – & hour sleep which shall abide by complete satisfaction to the mind with peace and harmony in thoughts.

Stress levels when taken on in immense levels and sleep levels when dropped down to infinity can lead to hormonal changes which may even make you impotent and infertile if not looked after properly! It is extremely important to avoid caffeine in your diet if you have to hit the sack in time and make sure you are making up for enough sleep and reduced stress levels with yoga and other art of living exercises for a smooth life.