How To Be Able To Face Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

One should certainly expect that the person who has faced a traumatic situation should be brave enough to come out of it, immediately. This is normal that one might feel frightened, anxious, sad and even disconnected. This is a sort of anxiety disorder.

Post Traumatic Stress DisorderIn post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) people can feel the sense of danger even after having faced the incident long back. They are unable to get rid of the painful memories and suffering of that particular time or moment. This could make them feel that the life won’t come back to the normal again.

PTSD has different effects on different people; which also depend on the kind of incident they’ve gone through. Following are some examples of events which could lead to PTSD:

1)    Childhood neglect

2)    War

3)    Rape

4)    Sudden death of loved ones

5)    Terrorist attack

6)    Natural disaster

7)    Car or plane crash

8)    Kidnapping

9)    Assault

10)    Sexual or physical abuse

11)    Domestic abuse

12)    Prison stay


The one who has gone through a trauma can get the symptoms immediately, at any given point of time. In some cases, these symptoms are triggered by the things which have caused the trauma. There are basically three major symptoms of the PTSD:

1.    Avoiding reminders

2.    Reliving the event everyday

3.    Emotional arousal

Avoiding Reminders:

As the name says, these symptoms would have where people are avoiding facing the things which might remind of them the traumatic situation. It could be:

a)   Incapable of remembering the special aspect of the trauma

b)   Loss of interest in activities and life in general

c)   The person may stop expecting a better future and would start to live a limited future life

d)   Feeling of detachment would come and would feel emotionally numb

e)   Avoidance of the place, activity, situation, things and other such things which may remind them about the traumatic situation

Reliving The Event Everyday:

This kind of symptoms is troublesome as they disturb the day-to-day life. This may include:

a)    Nightmares of the event

b)    Flashbacks of the event

c)    Intense distress feeling when reminded about the trauma

d)    Upsetting memories of the traumatic event

e)    Intense physical reactions when reminded about the event, as in sweating, heavy breathing, pounding heart beat, etc.

Emotional Arousal:

This can be defined as:

a)    Difficulty in sleeping

b)    Feeling jumpy and easily worried

c)    Hyper vigilance

d)    Outbursts of anger

e)    Difficulty in concentration


It is important that people who are facing PTSD gets a proper treatment easily. The delay can strengthen the trauma in their mind and thus they would have difficulty to face it. For those people who’re going through it need a good amount of social and family support. This is related to mental health, so it is important that they get all the mental support.

There is a better way to treat this disorder and that is using the technique of desensitization. This treatment allows the patient to face the traumatic situation by expressing about it. Once it is expressed, the person may be able to come out the situation. With this expression, over the period of time, the traumatic event will fade away.
The other possible best way to deal with it could be the support group. When people hear others talking about their traumatic situation, they learn to face it in their everyday’s life and overcome the stress. It is important that they get the support of other traumatic survivals so that they learn to face their situation.

Dealing with a traumatic situation is never an easy task. It is important that those who’re suffering from it get the proper support so that they can deal with it. All one needs a supportive hand to tell them that everything is okay and this is all a part of life.