How Depressions Affect Our Life?

Depression is nothing but just a mood. Happiness affect our health in a better way similarly, depression has adverse affect on our body and mind. Happiness encourages you to live a happy and joyful life whereas depression cuts from society and makes you a lone person.

DepressionIt is important for every individual to understand about the outcome of depression in your health. Before we understand that how depression makes you unhealthy, let us briefly go through the symptoms of it. When a person is depressed, he/she would feel helpless and hopeless. For you, no matter what, there is no solution to any problem. Your mind won’t be able to think rationally and you would find yourself in a pile of troubles with no solution around. This would make you think a lot and either you would end up eating more or less. This means, you would see a drastic change in your body weight. You would realize that there is more drain of energy than usual and this would make you feel fatigued and tired. Again, which this tiredness, you won’t be able to concentrate or keep yourself happy.

These symptoms might have given you hint on how depression can change your health. Well, let us discuss about it in detail. Depression is related to two of the major health problems; blood pressure and diabetes. When you are depressed, your body releases hormones which affect the blood flow in the body. This flow then raises the possibilities of stroke in that person. You start feeling difficulty in breathing. Initially, you won’t realize it but gradually, your health would start showing the result of prolonged depression.

With depression, our body parts start getting affected. The depression hormone increases the sugar level in our blood making us a diabetic patient. If this depression continues then the level will increase in your blood affecting your pancreas and then death. As we know, once you are diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes, you are stuck with these for the life. It is better to avoid stress or depression for longer time.

Apart from this, depression can be the reason behind erectile dysfunction, which indicates that your sexual life will be in trouble. Also, depressed person goes through fluctuating moods which affects his social, professional and personal life. It was also found that those suffering from depression since long time have to struggle to sleep.

If this is not enough, then you should know that when depressed, either you would end up eating more than required or you won’t feel like eating at all. This would result in the sudden change in your weight. Also, you would feel tired, which is a symptom of depressed, and won’t feel doing any physical activity. When you won’t be active, your personal, social and professional life would get affected.

Considering all these outcomes of depression in your health it is better that you keep it away from your life. Less stress and depression is good as it would make you work better but then having a habit of living with all the time and excess of it can have adverse effects on your health. So, avoid it and live happily. After all, life is nothing about to take thinks so seriously that you have to negotiate with your health.