Fear And Anxiety: Difference Between The Two

Every day, a human goes through various sets of emotions. Some emotions are positive where some are negative. The positive emotions can be a joy or happiness and negative emotions can make us feel lonely and sad. Though, we come out of the negative feeling with the course of time.

These feeling cause effects on our body too. Positive feeling has a good and positive effect on our body whereas negative feelings have a bad effect. Among those negative feelings, fear and anxiety are the one. These two feelings are often confused to be the one. Through, experts say that these feelings are different from each other. Let us understand them.

Fear: FEARFear is nothing which is a response to the undefined threat. Any one, who’s not ready for any sort of threat, would surely get this feeling. The fear triggers the defense mechanism. This means, when in fear, the person might kick or even punch the one who is the cause of the fear. This is quite naturally and necessary too.

In some rare cases, the person may also get paralyzed due to fear. This indicated that the person’s defense mechanism has surrendered itself. When the cause of fear is gone and a person gets back to the normal condition, he/she would be able to realize the feeling of fear that took over him/her. Once the pressure is off, the person might get the shakes, cold sweats and even light-headedness.

Anxiety: AnxietyIt is different as compared to the fear because fear is the response to the external threat whereas anxiety is completely from within. This feeling can manifest itself in an uncontrollable and excessive ways. Sometimes, there is no such particular reason to trigger it and if something triggered it then would cause an excessive reaction to it.

They physical symptoms of an anxiety could be sweating, racing hearts, headache, a tight chest, restlessness, gastric discomfort, and fast and shallow breathing. Anything can trigger it like a fear of facing an interview or appearing for a test. Anxiety can persist for days, weeks and even months.


Anxiety or fear can avoid you to live your life normally and with happiness. It is important that you don’t let anything affect your life. It is observed that people with these feeling avoid traveling, boarding a train or even flight. It is better that to fight anxiety you do meditation. This would help you relax your mind and would increase your concentration. And as far as fear is concerned, you should face it. This is how you would be able to come out of the phobia.

One certainly wants to live a life free from all the tensions and problems. Fear and anxiety are the common emotions that we face in our life. It is better that you face them and let them not affect our lives in any way.