Depression is the feeling of anxiousness as well as dissatisfaction from one’s life whereby the symptoms of a life that are in over or less proportion may be observed.


For example, if a person is very worried about how he or she is going to pull down the excess pounds on himself / herself, then it may be seen that out of depression about how he / she looks, may start under eating resulting in a loss of appetite or may just over eat to feel better at time. And binging into chocolate and all those very fatty foods then becomes a normal scenario for such people. However such a syndrome may either be an outcome of certain life events, or may be acquired due to side effects of a particular medicine! There is also a possibility that this one may be regarded as a psychiatric syndrome known as clinical depression.


There are various types of depression considering the sight of the symptoms! The major depressive disorder is one of the most troubling types of depression whereby a person is not only depressed for a certain period of time, but rather the toll is over a long term. It is a situation whereby a person cannot study, sleep, eat or thing right and compatibly! There may be a loss of interest in life and may require a proper medical treatment! Dysthymia or chronic depression is of the type whereby for a couple of years or more, depression may be the troubling syndrome on the person, but however, it is not as hazardous as the first one! Are you fatigued, oversleeping or overeating? Then you are probably suffering from atypical depression. Bipolar or manic disorder is another form of depression whereby a person may fluctuate between his moods. Summer depression, Psychotic as well as the postpartum depression (most of the moms get the “baby blues”) are also other types of depression known.


The regular symptoms of depression are the mood swings. Feeling too happy or feeling too sad. It is mostly characterised by a very low and unsatisfied feeling whereby one cannot eat, sleep, study, and think in the right stream. Over eating or loss of appetite, excessive sleeping or insomnia as well as lack of social interest, want to be a loner, and etc. may be commonly observed symptoms in depressed patients!


Depression may be the result of medications that one may be taking for the treatment and cure of certain health disorders which may last for a long time or even lifelong like in the cases of hypertension, diabetes treatment etc. This is of the acquired type! But however, it may be due to the events taking place in the life of a person. Emotional as well as psychological events and sequences that could play a toll on a person’s life may result in such a depressed feeling.

Diagnosis / Tests

A general practitioner, psychiatrist as well as a physician may be generally able to evaluate the behaviour of a person which can easily tell about the psychological problems of the person. The person’s biography, history of emotional sequential events as well as the current being of the person may be detailed out in a clinical assessment to the doctor, to know which type of the disorder or depression syndrome is being suffered by the patient. Screening programmes as well as rating scales may be utilised in order to assess the condition of the person in depression. Depending upon the symptoms and the period of time suffered by these signs and symptoms, the depressive disorder as well as the type may be known.


Counselling is the most important and significant solution to the problems of depression. It is with human counselling that one can share and split the burden of the sadness as well as the sorrow, thereby helping oneself to overcome the tough parts of life. Not only this, it is also possible that such candid discussions could take place in the group form whereby the participants can feel very much at ease with each other and feel that they are not the only ones in the doom. It facilitates better understanding of the problem as well as more creative and effective solutions. There are various anti depressants and other prescribed medication involving sleeping pills for those suffering from depressive insomnia. Psychotherapy and other complimentary therapies as well as changes in lifestyle and behaviour may be added on in order to help treat depressed patients.


It is very important to keep your mental and physical health managed and balanced well to not have a low immunity and will power to fall prey to the odds of depression. It is extremely important to understand and feel neutral to everything in the surrounding by keeping your art of living at par excellence! People who have risk factors for depression should be screened regularly by their health trainers. This means that when they see their health-care provider, questions should be asked, answers to which may indicate you are depressed or no!

If identified early, those who are at risk for depression are more likely to benefit from treatment! Thus, prevention and early diagnosis is better than the suffering and procedure of cure!

Home Remedies

The best home remedy could be to not isolate yourself in the 4 walls of your home by not talking with your family – parents and siblings, it is best to talk such situations out which can help to pull you out from the depressed mood. Workout! Exercise can have its amazing effects to cheer you up and pull you from your lonely and sorrowful state! They increase the level of endorphins – body’s own natural anti-depressants! It can help you to relax and not over think.

Warnings / Precautions

It is extremely important to keep away from all those substances that can addict you to hell. Smoking cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sleeping pills as well as prolonged medication of allopathic can make you depressed. It is necessary to balance your profession as well as personal family life to maintain a healthy go! A balanced mind, body and soul could be the best precaution to avoid such a syndrome.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

It is necessary to spell out your queries of the symptoms and whether they indicate depression, what treatment may be required and for how long you would require it can be important questions. Also what foods or substances and medicine to avoid is also an important question mark.

Special Note

About 19 to 20 million of the Americans are hit by Clinical (psychological) depression every year! 5 to 10 percent of women and 2 to 5 percent of males will experience at least a single depressive episode in their adult life.