Boost Your Memory With Simple Exercises

In order to maintain a goo sharp memory, you need to train for it accordingly, which is much easier that what you think of. Listening to your own set of music is not just pleasant, but by listening to some other unheard music and recalling its lyrics is one other way to boost your memory power.

boost-memory-with-exerciseIn addition, this level of boost is called as acetylcholine that is one somewhat chemical that lends a hand in building you brain and at the same time improving your memory skills. Given below are few brainy exercises that you can try.

Challenge Yourself In Odd Ways

Do a test on yourself even more often while taking a bath or when you getting all dressed up in the darkness or using your opposite hand for brushing purpose. These are some best kind of challenges that really go far in building a new link with other diverse connection of the human brain.

Pay Heed To Whatever You Do

Well, this is a very important thing needed in all the daily tasks. A proper attention enables you to keep hold of the focus in spite of any kind of distraction or noise that comes along with it and to pay attention on many other activities at one go. You can boost your memory by simply bringing a change in your daily routine.

Change Your Routine

The one best thing to do first is to change your everyday chores. The road that you take to the office can be changed or the desk or place where you sit. This will really help in forcing you to break through from your regular habits and pay more attention again. When you age, your attention period can tend to decrease or come down which makes you more vulnerable to disturbance. This even results in less efficiency in doing too much work at a time.

Walk For Good Health

Brainy exercises and mixing all the activities, jogging or playing a game of scrabble can all be very helpful to you to drive forces to your brain when doing work.


This can even be an activity to try your ability to recognize, recall and know words. This at the same time even helps in brushing your fluency, and vocabulary skills. With every practice, you can with no such pressure increase your knowledge of new inventive words that you have never heard before. For instance, if you begin to read the fashion section in the newspaper, then immediately try reading the business article.

Learn New Words Every Time

Follow a habit in learning new words every day. Build your verbal skills by understanding the meaning of the name mentioned in the context. You will be in fact surprised talking with your boss in the near future by using the words that you have learnt.


One good way to remember things is to make connections between diverse ideas, words and pictures. There are many other ways, which you can use to remember words in a minute. Many online websites offer memory-based tutorials that you can try.

Playing Puzzles And Crosswords

Apart from this, playing Sudoku, scrabble is very challenging and boosts the brain well. Puzzles help to build your psychological processes by putting a pressure on the brain to store the data into it.

Playing Mind Games

Card games such as bridge or poker or monopoly are very helpful. With social communication, playing such games makes it very interesting.

Reading Books

If you are fond of reading then make it a point to read something different this time. If you like reading fiction genre books then shift your focus to thriller or romantic ones if you like so. This can give you a change in every aspect.

Read Loudly

Trying hard to learn something then read it loud. Yes, this is one best way to learn things quickly as it brings a new aspect to your methods.


Well this is far different from the ordinary ones. Pick few objects like a toothbrush, scale, clothes and make a storyboard with them. This is a nice way to improve your memory skills.

Mental Maths

Give the shopkeeper a break for few minutes and do your own bill calculation. Keep a tab on the products that you have chosen and make a rough math in your mind. Check out with the shopkeeper if your calculation is right.

Playing Puzzle

This is one amazing way to improve your memory. Look at the original picture of the puzzle, break the pieces and reconstruct them by memorizing it.

Learn New Skills

This could be anything like learning a new language or something that is very new to you. Operating the computer and learning the basics too can be considered here.

Going Online

You will come across many websites that are loaded with suggestions and options. Do a bit of browsing and surfing to find plenty of other options.

Given above are a few memory exercises that can be implemented to make the best out of them.