Best 7 Methods To Avoid Stress

Stress is a slow poison that gradually finishes you mentally, breaks down your morale and disturbs your daily routine. Stress can also have long term effects if not dealt with and thereby can play a major role in your physical and mental health. Stress if not taken seriously can cause ailments such as heart disease, weight gain depression etc.

7 methods to avoid stressIt is advisable to overcome your stress issues by working out, medication, meditation or by engaging in whatever keeps your life sate high, so as to avoid further health problems.

Here are the 7 easy steps that can help you deal with your stress to a great extent:

1. Worry just about one thing at a time

Many of us have a habit of clouding ourselves with in numerous things which makes us more depressed. Choose one thing that is of utmost importance and which deserves your attention. Try to overcome your most immediate hurdle that you feel needs immediate solution. Don’t tend to overburden yourself with many issues thus making yourself weak from within.

2. Get away at least once in a day

Find a peaceful, relaxing quiet place for you to seek yourself. Try and avoid the disturbances of your mind. Try to find out some time from your busy schedule and spend it with yourself. Be consistent in giving yourself at least some time in a day which could actually help you re-establish your inner peace and leave you in a tranquil state.

3. Share your feeling to someone

It is important for you to share your feelings and your deep secrets which bother you with someone. Share your state of mind with a friend. You can also maintain a diary and feel free to write down your inner state of mind. Pen down what you feel, what makes you, what makes you sad etc.

4. Eat healthy

Eat healthy fruits and vegetables to avoid stress. Eating chocolates and healthy   foodstuffs helps you to reduce the stress and depression that you feel. Avoid alcohol, caffeine or any kind of substance including tobacco that can harm your health and your mental state or add on it. Remember you need to overcome your stress not do something due to which it can double it.

5.  Workout/Exercise

You may be really busy with your daily household chores and office but find time to exercise as it is a stress buster and helps you relieve your body and mind. Make workouts a part of your daily regime. Take a brisk walk for 20 to 30 minutes or take a walk after you have your lunch or a walk after your dinner would be recommended.

6. Try being positive

Life is not a great deal. Try to be as much as positive as you can and don’t pressurize yourself. Situations are ought to arise but deal with them with a conviction to resolve them. Don’t be disheartened if things don’t go your away. Try to change your way of perceiving things. Be positive and happy for the things you have.  Dismiss negativity around you. Try and meditate and be positive about your surroundings. Be positive about yourself, at the end of the day you are a winner.

7.  Stop being very serious

Have a laugh. You can smile in a day, it won’t harm you. Take things for fun at times. Don’t be serious as it leads to nothing. Laughter is a stress buster and is the best medicine. It can actually help you lighten your mood. Add a bit humor to your life.