Anxiety Disorder


Anxiety disorder is reaction to stress. It differs from normally felt nervousness and if it is neglect or untreated can take person to stage of life where he or she can get addicted to things like alcohol, drugs to relieve their isolated depression.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder differ from person to person and hence its causes and symptoms too. Thus, this mental disorder causes persons mental as well physical illness. Its human tendency to feel anxious when facing some unconventional situation such as job interview, speaking in crowd etc as this kind of situation you might face once in awhile. In case of anxiety disorder, you feel anxious situation on every now and then on daily basis lifestyle.

Today with advanced medical science, there are various effective treatments and therapies to overcome major types of anxiety disorders. Thus, this treatments relief’s life gets to back on its normal stage.

Types of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder has various other sub- disorders with different signs, symptoms and curing treatments. Understanding your type of anxiety will help to get you stress free relief and make body and soul just feel relaxed.

Type 1# Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

In this condition of anxiety, the affected person loses control when contracted with worry or for thing even with no reason. At normal level we are worried of home, professional life, money etc but here generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) are extra concerned about worries and always taking things on negative side. If this people are given task to complete, they make up a mind that everything is going to fail. Hence, they feel negative about themselves and surrounding as burden.

GDA grows mostly among the teenagers or youngsters. GDA if neglected could face worse situation in handling future lifestyle.

Type 2# Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-(OCD)

Check and recheck is good way to secure your life. However, person with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is more obsessed or unconfident about the things. Therefore, the OCD person does constant check and rechecks things most frequently. On daily basis lifestyle OCD person do perform over and over same routine if it is completely done. Over obsessive towards things makes distress towards life.

Type 3# Panic Disorder

People with panic disorder have unexpected panic attacks associated with fear or danger. The panic of such fear last with them for a few minutes but in some rare cases the symptoms might last longer. Panic attacks also felt by person even if the danger or any kind of fear isn’t practically presented.  During panic attack person may have strong reaction towards own physique such feeling of getting major illness, heart stroke, fainted etc that had previously strike their physique.

Type 4# Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) happens to a person who has gone through certain yet severe traumatic situation in life such as death, uncertain accidents etc. This PTSD people keep feeling as victimized, as they were traumatic point of time, even though the danger or any such severe situation is no longer.

Type 5# Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder)

Social phobic person has feeling that would be getting judgments or embracement in form of criticism from other as always. This fear might get especially during getting back to old work or lifestyle such as school, office etc. Person gets irrational fear even before facing situation and starts assuming that would be criticized.

Causes of Anxiety Disorder

There are many factors that cause anxiety disorders and its various types. Until today, there are no such specific statements regarding causes of anxiety. Hence, the basic factors can include causes by ecological factors, healthcare factors, inherited genes, past abuse, etc. There is also studies made on anxiety disorder relevant is also often cause by stress in lifestyle. Generally, anxiety is reaction to stress that ultimately makes a person feel negative with certain types of presumptions and assumptions.
Anxiety disorder is also caused because of mental illness that ultimately affects one’s physique too. There are another scientist research statements do tell about its cause is combination of mental and surrounding affected stress that causes chemical imbalance in body.

Symptoms and Signs of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety that’s associated with particular fear or sociable fears can even lead to avoidance associated with certain situations or causes that takes anxiety such as phobic of water, altitude etc.  As we have already mentioned some of above points that person can be observe signs of anxious caused by past unhealthy traumatic lifestyle or incident like terrorism attack.

    Chest pain
•    Restless
•    Distressed
    Disturbed sleep
    Negative thoughts
•    Tingling sensations
    Muscle tension
    Difficulty concentrating
    Sense of choking
    Cold sweating
•    Palpitations

These are some of few signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder but there can some more other symptoms of disorder, varying from person o person and type of disorder.

Test Done To Diagnosis Anxiety Disorder

The expert that treat anxiety disorder patient is either psychiatrists or psychologists. To identify anxiety and its type doctor firstly conduct an interview session. Where the expert will try to understand what makes you so anxiousness. This session of question might include certain queries might have ever before discussed with anyone, such as personal question including about relationship, physical disorder, sufferings etc.  In this questionnaire session, the expert would also try to link up your level of anxiety with your current yet past medical situation also.

After knowing kind of situation you have gone through that what makes you so anxious, than the expert will move on asking kind of symptoms do you face on daily bases and on particular or unconventional situation with different types of surroundings.

Depending upon level of anxiety there can be some medical test also including blood count, blood test, thyroid test, ECG and other mandatory tests.

Treatment to overcome anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is not at all lifelong disorder, as person can be cured and bring all positive vibes in life again. The time you feel stressed or anxious it would be better if you concern to the nearest doctor. If the doctor concerns you to have advanced stage of anxiety and need to seek for medical treatment then do go for it. The earlier you come across level of anxiety would better to get it rid out as soon as possible. After completion of medical treatment like medicines or counseling, even by your own personal side has to make sure that you take precautions that won’t allow anxiety to hit you again.

Here are some following therapies for anxiety

Medications- Anxiety drugs stops your major signs and symptoms yet cures the factors that had affected your body and soul both.

Counseling- Counseling in case of anxiety sometimes works better than medication or any treatments too. It show a person a positive ways towards and tried to diver mind with energy that lid any fearing anxiety. It is also kind of physiotherapy.

Meditation- Today many people do avoid mediation therapy as it is one powerful to overcome at most sufferings including anxiety disorder. Meditation relaxes body and mental condition of person. Person gains positive energy from meditation or spirit of confidence for fighting against anxiety.

Question to ask doctor regarding anxiety disorder

  •    Why do I have anxiety disorder?
  •    What kind of anxiety do I have?
  •    Which medications are the best for my situation, and why?
  •    Does the lifestyle changes affected with anxiety disorder and after the treatment?
  •    Will I need treatment for the rest of my life and long it will take?
  •    Are there any side effects of medication treatment?
  •    What will happen if I don’t get treatment?
  •    Once treated, is there chance that I likely to get affected anxiety symptoms?
  •    And almost all question that is striking in your mind regarding anxiety disorder and treatment?