Anxiety Alleviation Through Breathwork

The amount of competition that prevails in the markets, the race for being the best in school as well as the competition of different forms between siblings and other such very petty things can lead to stress and depression in pupils of all age groups!

alleviate-anxietySo much of anxiety in one life, becomes too much and the reason of various other disasters that can take place in life in the form of different viruses and bacteria making you body a playground to attack!

When people are anxious, they cannot concentrate on any of their spontaneous systems and thus need to remove time to focus on the elixir of life – the respiration process. Excess of breath taken in due to suffocation out of being worried, deep quick breaths taken in which do not provide the required oxygenation to the body as well as breathing that is too monitored by oneself could be very harmful in the long run. Thus, it is required that we have a command not only over our business and family but also over one of our very significant systems called respiration.

No one could ever imagine how important it is to keep track of the proportion and frequency of the oxygen we inhale and the carbon dioxide we exhale. Simple exercises followed can do lovely miracles to our body if given the necessary and adequate attention to.

Hyperventilate and mess yourself! To avoid this one, whereby you may feel your getting lots of oxygen, which is false; you must cup your mouth and take normal breaths for some time to stabilize the respiration process. You may just be worked up sometimes and may require to calm out and give yourself that required space, meditate for 20 minutes in the morning whereby you observe deep and slow breathing to command a control over the air you take in and give out, and the rest of your day shall be characterized by a peaceful time! It can be a great tool for highly anxious people! There are various yogic exercises that can help you control the way you think and the direction of your thoughts in order to give a slight subtlety and peace to the pavement of your idea flow, which can enhance you to think the right way, stress out less and breathe a normal pattern.

It is very important to even keep a track of how you breathe when you eat or even sip on water! It can be very different from your normal inhaling and exhaling and may require certain attention from therapists in order to keep it very composed as the oxygen inhaled during the food eating process is what is useful and interconnected to the digestion process.

All the systems in our body are reliant and inter connected to the respiration process and require the anxiety to be out of the system in order to focus on proper breathing to keep the systems in the body go hand in hand!