Adrenal Fatigue 21st Century Disease

The two adrenal glands are present above the kidneys and are situated under the ribs. These small glands are very important in our sexual relationships and play an important role during sex.

adrenal-fatigueAdrenal fatigue is a syndrome in which adrenal glands does not function properly which results in weakening symptoms such lethargy towards sex and weight gain etc.

When adrenal glands suffer from excess work the symptoms like dark circles, fatigues, depression, anxiety, low BP, anorexia, low stamina, cravings for sugar and salts, mood swings and memory problems are observed. The glands thus become weak and can decrease the focusing ability, will power and concentration.

If you are dealing with the symptoms given above then consult your doctor. Generally adrenal fatigue is caused due to getting extra busy in the life and handling the excess pressure of work and family.

One develops adrenal fatigue when adrenals cannot bear the amount of stress on them. Adrenal glands are responsible for every kind of responses that your body gives to the every type of stress even if it is psychological, emotional and physical.  These responses are given through hormones which are responsible for regulation of energy production, heart rate, muscle tone and other activities that allow you to manage with the stress. When you suffer from emotional event, your adrenals reacts to stress and homeostasis is maintained; and when the response received is not enough then there is a possibility of you to suffer from adrenal fatigue.

The remedies to cure adrenal fatigue are mentioned here.

Maintain Regularity in your meals to maintain the blood sugar levels. Have heavy breakfast as it will give you stamina and energy required for the day. You cannot just have toast and coffee in breakfast it will not give enough energy to the immune system and pancreas to start their activity. Have a boiled egg with few cashew nuts, it will work.

Have Enough Sleep: Many of us handles the mails at mid- night which is very stressful. Cortisol is a stress handling hormone which gets affected due to such habits. When the level of Cortisol gets imbalanced we cannot sleep properly and many have experienced the loss of weight. The next morning we feel tired and drowsy and thus take help of caffeine to make ourselves fresh.

Treat It With Herbs: Adrenals can be supported by herbs like ashwagandha, rehmannia and licorice consumed in powdered form.

When it comes to the emotional side of adrenal fatigue that is overwork which is found more in women. Women are more attracted to achieve more which makes them overstressed and ultimately they get exhausted. Spend maximum time in nature; it is found to be a stress healer.

Cut Down The Caffeine Intake: Limit the intake of caffeine from your daily routine. Caffeine in coffee is responsible for stimulation of the adrenals and thus they release the hormones which increase the energy in the body. Also, caffeine doesn’t allow you to have good sleep.

Exercise More: Exercising more often is best outlook for health. It can help you in relieving stress and can make your feel fresh. It is responsible for oxygenation of blood and also makes the level of cortisol back to normal. You don’t have to do heavy exercises, normal walk or stairs climbing will be enough. You need to do it for 20-30 minutes and it will show good results.