Addiction – Types, Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

alcohol addictionOverview

What are you addicted with? Not necessarily it has to be something big. Addiction can be small things which you can’t do without. Once addicted to something not necessarily drugs or alcohol the person loses control on those things. He is not aware as to what he is doing and what his actions can lead to. Addiction can be towards a particular substance like drugs or behavioural addiction like any person engaged in gambling. All these actions are addictive actions and therefore have to be stopped.


There are in numerous types of addiction and can be divided into categories.

Substance-Related Addictions

One of the categories of addiction is listed below

  • Tobacco
  • Booze, Alcohol
  • Consumption of drugs
  • Prescribed drugs

Behavioural Or Process Addictions

Behavioural addictions make it difficult for a person to get over it.

  • Gambling
  • Addiction to Food
  • Sex
  • Caffeine: coffee or tea
  • Hallucinogens: acid or  ecstasy
  • Addiction to surfing the Internet
  • Video Games
  • Workaholic


A particular Tolerance Level that an individual possesses: Engaging more and more in the addiction may be any type just to get the desired effect.

Problems on Withdrawal: when any individual withdraws from their addiction they start feeling giddy and uneasy. Such people cannot control themselves from their unusual behaviour and neither from the substance they are addicted to.

  • Extreme moody behaviour by any individual
  • A feeling of being unwell at times and better at other times
  • Sleeping a lot more than required and at unusual hours of the day or night
  • Weight gain or weight loss


  • 1. Mental Concerns: rate of addiction is higher in people who are suffering from some kind of mental illness or excessive stress. They might start using drugs as they feel it is the best and the only way to deal with happenings and problems in life
  • 2. Lack Of Any Kind Of Religious Or Spiritual Connection: people at times may feel empty in their lives when not affiliated to any sort of religious community. This can be one of the reasons to consume drugs to fill the space
  • 3.  Difficulty Coping With Different Thoughts And Views: there are times when we do not agree on the views which many people carry. At times we are not considered that worthy also of giving our opinions as we may have a contradictory view with others. A person who may not be able to speak up may find it easy to interact with people who booze and consume drugs.
  • 4.  Sexual Abuse: Any kind of sexual abuse when a person goes through may be becomes a major reason for he or she to consume drugs as they cannot come out of the situation so easily and face the outside world which is already ready to attack
  • 5.  Too Much Of Frustration From Within: too much of frustration within oneself and because of the arising situations can lead to consumption of drugs or alcohol.

Diagnosis / Tests

Consult a doctor when you feel your friends, family members or any close relative is going through this problem. The doctor may ask several kinds of questions in order to know the reason as to why the person is addicted and also if he is addicted with any kind of a behaviour or a substance.  A nicotine addiction can be dealt by a primary consultant or a general practitioner (GP) level. But if the substance or the behaviour is very powerful then a special doctor or a psychiatrist or an addiction counsellor is to be consulted.


One can choose the treatment he or she feels right for them. Every individual can choose to be in favour of a certain type of medication that suits him or her.

  • 1. Detoxification means medically managing to withdraw drugs or any kinds of alcohol.
  • 2. Individual Therapy is making people understand the good and bad about addiction and how it is harmful after a particular period of time. This therapy can people regain their senses but only little possibilities seem to be in this case coz addicted people cannot give up their addictions so easily.
  • 3. Group Understanding: Many people who are addicts and sharing the same behaviour can come in groups and have a conversation about the addiction. Sharing of common views and thoughts can help people overcome as it helps in understanding in a better way.


Once you get addicted, communicate and talk it out to your best friends and even to your families about the problem. Have the will to be free from any kind of drugs. Be strong enough to tolerate a day without drugs and then make it a habit. Do not go to the place where the drugs are being sold. Stick with the treatment you are going through. Do not deviate from it because of any kind of influencers. Stop meeting people coz of whom you have indulged in these serious problems. Try and meditate and seek yourself. Hang out with family and friends and around people you feel good about. Avoid consumption of drugs during medication

Home Remedies

  • Consume grapes as grapes are considered to be one of the most effective ways to control alcoholic addiction.
  • Bitter Gourd: mix some bitter gourd juice with buttermilk and have it early morning, it will help in controlling your addiction.
  • Apples: It has been age old remedy to overcome and probably cure addiction. Apples not only remove the toxins caused due to alcohol consumption, but also help in reducing the urge that you feel to consume alcohol regularly.

Warnings / Precautions

  • Avoid taking any kind of drug without a doctor prescription
  • If you feel, you cannot control your urge in the first place, understand it’s not meant for you and try and back off.
  • Do not take much of stress about something. Let yourself free.
  • Stay away from drug suppliers.
  • Engage yourself in tasks healthy for your growth as an individual

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

  • Ask your doctor how can you cure your addiction and be addiction free
  • Will there be any side effects of immediate leaving of drugs?
  • Is there any kind of a therapy you need to undergo or it is necessary to go in a rehab in extreme case?