Addiction Recognition and Prohibition

addictionBy addiction the reference here is made to drug, alcohol, sex, smoking, gambling and eating disorders. These are the main categories we’d be looking into. This article will emphasize the techniques to recognize and prevent any of the above stated concerns.


This is a habitual physical and mental reliance on a particular substance or practice, above one’s will and self-control. In the process of withdrawal, well defined physiological characteristic symptoms are existent. People are in denial or oblivious in most cases to any such specific affiliation. This is further divided into two: substance dependence (alcohol, drug etc.) or behavioral dependence (gambling, video gaming etc.)

Our daily habits may eventually progress into becoming an addiction. Health experts mention that there is a further division into this disorder and that is: psychological dependence. The lifestyle that we lead is the reason why this is brimming. Work, exercise, sex, internet are cases which fall under this sub-division. Excessive practices of these activities ignite feelings of guilt, despair, hopelessness, shame, failure, anxiety or humiliation and thus it is termed as a threat.

The reason why it is more dangerous than a person diagnosed with diabetes or heart issues is because this problem further leads to a plethora of concerns at home, work and in the society. Not only the person who is addicted is at a risk, but the people he/she deals with on a regular basis are also in jeopardy. The cause of this state is unknown, because there isn’t just one. It is generally instigated by a permutation of mental, physical, emotional and situational factors.


The symptoms an affected individual senses are evident in this case, but as mentioned earlier, it is all a matter of denial. The signs are rather more helpful in recognizing an addict since these are observed by close relationships and the doctor. For example, sleeplessness is a symptom the patient may deny, but dilated pupils are a sign the doctor is bound to notice.

There a number of ways specific additions can be recognized. The most basic of all symptoms is the fact that the individual knows that nicotine, drug and alcohol intake is harmful but any effort to prevent it is futile. The craving for that specific weakness is powerful. All this obviously varies on the individual, the addicted substance, family genetic history and respective circumstances.

When mood swings occur due to unavailability of a particular substance, this is a big factor in recognizing your fixation. Bad temper, poor concentration, anger fits, depression and emptiness ending with resentment are but only a few of the counter effects your hell bent addiction would have. A sudden increase or decrease in appetite, leading to constipation or diarrhea should not be taken for granted. It is your body’s way of stating that there could be something that needs attention. If you deny and sacrifice recreational activities because you won’t be able to continue with your estranged habit, this is a big sign you should be able to grasp and work at ending your obsession.

Choosing the wrong path to continue your addiction like stealing, lying or being secretive about it and still continuing it is also a genuine sign. Financial difficulties, having problems with the law and having never-ending arguments at home leading to violence or self-hurt is also on this list.


Since an individual is so used to feeding the habit that transformed into something so big, when one tries to withdraw, it is exceptionally difficult. Withdrawal leads to violence, seizures, sweaty palms, hallucinations and uncontrolled bouts in your personality. If your loved one is at trouble, take the responsibility and raise the concern about his/her well-being to a doctor.

If a problem has been escalated in your youth, then it is best if it can be uprooted immediately. Getting into peer pressure and giving in to your shallow will is the beginning of a series of unfortunate events. Gather the courage to say no, this would be less harmful than the future consequences of your addiction. Hang out with fun friends with a strong head on their shoulders. It is essential for parents or elders to constantly make a connection with their kids. Hobbies and recreational activities are necessary to be cultivated so that the mind does not fall astray.

Realize it and face yourself in such circumstances. It is way too easy to shut your eyes and move further into the darkness of dangerous possibilities that could happen. Addictions are psychosomatic. Help yourself and the ones around you by getting out of this ditch as soon as you can.