9 Ways To Safeguard Your Mind Power

Our body is like a machine and the brain is like the control panel. It not only controls but also acts as the hard drive for our body where it stores all the important information related to our surroundings, our address and what not. A little problem with it and we can have a tough time. At the worst, we can forget our own identity.

Mind PowerConsidering the important role it plays in our life and the information it stores in the body, it is necessary that we safeguard it. There are various ways to improve and protect the memory. We bring to you all important and easiest ways to protect your memory power.

Have A Toast: Firstly, it is said that one should not miss out the breakfast. Missing it out means inviting trouble to your health. Secondly, you should include food rich in nutrient and which can fill your empty stomach. If you want to have a good memory, then add toast in your breakfast.  The toast is full of carbohydrate and as per the study done, who misses out on carbohydrates in breakfast, performs not so well in memory related tasks. This is the reason you would find some people with bad memory and forget their things easily. You certainly don’t want to be the one. So, have a toast.

Get Going: It was found that those who exercise or even do lighter activities have a good memory as compared to those who don’t do any activity. So, not only young adults, but also those who are growing old should get involved in some activity like gardening or other similar lighter activity. This way, your mind will be active and you would be able to remember things in a better way.

Exercise Before Work: We all are aware that exercising helps the blood flow and thus you stay in a good health. Add this point into the benefits of exercising; it helps you to have a good memory power. Be a simple exercise like a dance or a tough one like kickboxing, do something before you start your professional life. These exercises increase the blood flow in your brain also and help you increase the remembrance power. This way, you won’t forget things easily and moreover would learn new things quickly.

Grab That Fruit: Fresh fruits and vegetables are anyway good for the health. They are rich in necessary nutrients and provide you a good health. But did you know that they could be the reason behind good memory? Yes, they help your memory to become strong and active and this way you are able to remember those things easily. So, if you’re feeling hungry at work and want to grab something, take a fruit or fresh vegetables.

Be Cultural: Yes, there are various cultural activities that go on in various centers. Be a part of it. When you’re a part of it, you not only get involved in activities but also start thinking out new ideas. Thus, thinking of new ideas may help you to protect your memory from shading away with time. So, don’t hesitate and get yourself involved in such activities.

Search The Web: This is for professionals. While you’re continuously on the same topic from morning till evening, it gets hard for you to remember something new and fresh. The best way is give your mind something new during lunch. We get enough time for lunch, so why don’t you surf the net and find something new to read or watch. You would certainly search something which you’re interested in and then you would give your mind something new to take in. This way, you would stimulate the short term memory and this can be a help to you.

Eye Your Car: This happens with everyone. We often forget where you had parked our car and then while we want to leave, we look for it. There is an easy step to deal with this. All you have to do is park your car in a place. Come out and look sideways for 30 seconds. This way, your memory will capture the image of the surrounding and this might improve your long term memory. Try it out for yourself.

Floss Before You Sleep: Surprised? How does flossing is related to better memory? Well, in a way it is. The food between the teeth invites bacteria and this enters your bloodstream easily and later on affects your memory. So, to have a good memory, don’t forget to floss before you sleep. Also, this would provide you a nice smile.

Little Drink Over Dinner: Yes, if you drink moderately with dinner, it can help you with good memories. It is just contrast to the fact that heavy drinking can cause memory loss. But a study found out that drinking little won’t cause trouble to your memory whereas would improve it. So, drink a little over dinner for good memory.

Everyone wants to remember the name, number and address of every person they meet or know. But then it is not possible for everyone. The above solutions may help a bit to improve your memory so that at least you won’t forget where you parked your car, where have you kept those important documents and what’s the name of the person whom you met the other day. So, follow the above solutions and see the result for yourself.