5 Ways To Achieve Emotional Equilibrium

Sugar levels and heart rates can be calculated, but there is nothing concrete to measure issues involving the stability of our minds. Everyday millions of humans across the globe are diagnosed with mental issues.And prescribed medication is not the answer to it all. Drugs are ruining the status further. The side effects make matters worse.

stress free lifeScheduled times for yourself and your loved ones involving activities that motivate, de-stress and satisfy you are essential. There are legitimate instances where diagnosis and mental treatment is justified. But it all boils down to taking responsibility for you own self and seldom worry about the troubles your life is bogged down with. Escaping from a given problem is not the solution, facing it bravely with a smile is.

Someone has rightly said, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Everyone we meet is afraid, has loved and has lost something. Life inherently involves pain, disappointment and death. But before the chapter ends and we breathe our last breath, make sure every moment counts. Make sure you conquered this struggle called life with your best positive armor.

•   Sweat It Out And Eat Right – Everyone is busy in running and minting money for a bright future. But as Virgil rightly mentioned, “Health is the greatest wealth”. Exercise and eat a balanced diet to be able to have that bright future you have been running around to create. Alcohol and drug abuse might give you a short-term high, but in the long run they can prove to be fatal.

   Express Yourself And Let Go – If you are angry, happy or sad vent it out. Let it be out of your system, only then can you live to the fullest. But that doesn’t mean you need to resent to violence. Forgive and forget, let every minute of your life remain pleasurable. Expect less and work hard.

   Sleep Well And Meditate – To get enough rest is essential. A person who hasn’t had enough sleep is often grumpy. Reflect within yourself through meditation. Spirituality teaches you to remain calm and kind to the universe around you.

   Connect With Nature – Simply taking a stroll through a garden can keep you fit and make you feel lighter. Sitting at the beach and watching the world go by is a therapy in disguise. Such activities in nature’s reign help you contemplate and learn from your mistakes.

•  Unleash Your Creativity – Feeling productive is the best form of appreciation you can give to yourself. Picking up an activity to do during leisure makes sure that it strengthens your brain. Isn’t it a good thing to keep your creative juices flowing through gardening, sculpting, playing an instrument, dancing or making something out of recycled waste?

Stepping down from your materialistic peak to the depths of simple reality is something that you should consider incorporating in your life. Making money is incredibly important, but it certainly is not everything. Do not be greedy, be at content and live an emotionally stable life for a great time while you are alive.