11 Important Symptoms Of An Abusive Relationship

Domestic violence can happen to anyone irrespective of the place, gender and age. It is important for anyone who is been abused in relationship should stand against the wrong and raise his/her voice.

Relationship Abuse

It is observed that women are the most common victim in abusive relationship. Unlike any other thing, abusive relationship has its own symptoms. We bring to you some of the important symptoms so that you would be able to judge your condition or position in your relationship.

1. Insulting: Every person is different. It is not possible for any two people to have same quality and thinking. When you are in a relationship it is important for you to understand and respect the differences that you and your partner have. Insulting your partner for his/her difference in front of others is not at all good. And when these insults are regular then it is high time you should do something.

2. Yelling At Your Partner: Shouting and using abusive language in your sentences when you are communicating with your partner shows that you consider your partner to be at the lower position of relationship. Relationship means to be equal and to be treated as equal. When you’re this basic right of being equal is hampered, take a step for yourself before it gets worse.

3. Feel Afraid: Being in a relationship with someone means you share your entire though process with that person. When you start feeling afraid of your partner just because he might not like it or might treat you bad or yell at you then consider that you are going through an abusive relationship.

4. Forceful Physical Relationship: Being in relationship doesn’t mean that you have to physical relationship with your partner every day. When your partner starts being forceful for physical relationship with you then you should understand it as a sign abusive relationship.

5. Control Over Life: Everyone have their own freedom. If your partner starts putting control over your life or trying to you in restriction for everything then you should speak to him regarding it.

6. Getting Physical: It means that your partner start beating you for every small thing. When this gets very often or regular then you should seek help of the help groups in your society.

7. Getting Jealous: Little jealousy is fine in relationship as it shows that how much you love each other. But one should have trust in his/her partner. If this feeling of jealousy increases and you start losing your own space, it is time you should speak to your partner about it.

8. No Consult: When a one of the partners is making decision which is going to affect the entire family without the consult of other partner then it means that you might be entering into abusive relationship.

9. Insulting Your Friends Or Family: When a person enters into a relationship, he/she has to accept the family and friends of other partner. When you partner starts putting down your family and friends, then you might be in an abusive relationship.

10. Losing Respect: When your partner starts treating you like a servant and shouts at you when the work is not done or as he/she wanted then you’re in an abusive relationship.

11. Spying On You: It is understood that you share everything with your partner but when you partner stops trusting you and starts to spy on your then you should take a proper action.

Relationship is a moment when you accept other person as he/she is and allow him to be your life. It is important that one should understand that you should respect him/her for the person he/she is. You can’t just force him to behave in certain or can try to control him/her as you want. Relationship may be hard to maintain but surely not difficult.