What Does Alcoholism Means?

People drink at many occasions and for various reasons. Some drink with friends where as some drink at social does. But, there are some who drink to get rid of the personal problems. Alcoholism or alcohol abuse means when your drinking of alcohol starts to affect your life.

alcoholismDrinking alcohol is common in many cultures. Due to this, people start drinking at a very early age. Some see the importance of having it for an occasion or social gathering, whereas, some starts to feel that this drink they can get rid of their problems or can run away from them. This is when, they start to drink excessively and it starts to create problems in their life.


Like any other health problem, it also has certain causes and reason to why people start to drink more than they need. Listed below are some causes:

1)  People who have low self esteem can be the one can go beyond the necessary amount. This could make them feel less confident as they are hardly aware of their actions. They would do what they feel like without caring about the consequences.

2)  If you feel that your life is stressed, then you might take the help of the alcohol to make it lighter. Alcohol stops your mind to function properly and thus you would not be in a condition to think rationally.

3)  Sometimes, few people drink it as they are depressed. While hunting for the way out of their depression, they land up drinking more alcohol than required.

4)  On the contrary to those who drink occasionally, when have some problems, there are few who drink daily. Without drinking alcohol they fail to function properly.

5)  Often, in certain countries, drinking is a culture. Due to this, many frequently end up drinking more than required.


As this a cause, it surely would have its symptoms. Those who’ve certain reasons for drinking would find it hard to stop themselves from having it. They would then have certain signs and symptoms. Listed below are a few of them:

1)  Drinking alcohol is considered as a social event. This means, you have it with someone. But when you find a person drinking alcohol all alone then understand that he’s suffering from some problem. This could be the symptom of alcoholism.

2)  As you start to suffer from alcoholism, you would notice that you can’t stop yourself from drinking, at all. All you want is to have it more without noticing the problem it is causing to you and your health.

3)  When you would keep on drinking more, you would lose your appetite. This is because your stomach is full of alcohol and there is no space to have food. Moreover the alcohol would start showing its harmful effect in your body by then.

4)  Some people act weird after drinking. They either blame the drink for getting over drunk or gets angry and violent. Some even become hostile when asked about the reason of drinking.

5)  The alcohol affects them so badly that they don’t care about their dress or how they are behaving. They even don’t care if they are clean or not.

6)  They would even continue to drink even if they are aware that the drinking is causing too much problem to their health. All they would need is a drink.

7)  There are chances that they would skip their work due to this and would even stop getting involved in various activities. All they would want is to spend their time in drinking.

8)  If they don’t get drunk for a few days then they would start shaking and they would desire a drink immediately.

Drinking is considered as the social event. There are certain norms while drinking which includes how much a person should drink. Excessive drinking would not only affect your health but also your affect your social image. It is important that you take care of it and should avoid getting into excessive drinking.