Social Phobia – How To Deal With It?

Human is a social animal. This means he will be surrounded by either friends or family or others known people. But at times, he is asked to give a speech or face a public as a speaker.

social_PhobiaAnd during that time, where most of us easily speak our mind, few face difficulties and fumble. This is called social phobia. It can only affect you with the thought of speaking to another who is a stranger to you.

Social phobia, which is also known as social anxiety disorder, is a situation when a person gets an intense fear during certain social events, importantly those which are unfamiliar or a feeling where you think of being watched and judged. These social dos can frighten a person so much he/she might get anxious with just the thought and may go to any extent to avoid it.

Following are certain ways to deal with it and overcome social phobia:

Solution #1: Face thoughts

Normally, those who are going through social phobia suffer from negative thoughts. These thoughts give rise to the anxiety and thus create a problem for a person. If you wish to overcome the social phobia then you’ve to learn to face your negative thoughts and throw them out of your mind, instantly.

You can challenge these thoughts wither with the help of an expert or by yourself. The first step would be to analyze the cause of the phobia so that you easily face it. Once you’ve found out the reason you can analyze them properly. Once you are done with the analysis you can act on to chance that attitude.

Solution #2: Control Your Breathe

It is known fact that when you’re feeling phobia the breathing increases due to anxiety. It is necessary that you learn to control that breathe as it would help you keep your body under control the anxiety would be under control. There are various ways to fight it. Whenever you feel that you’re getting the phobia, sit start, and follow your breathing. Try to calm yourself down with the help of other breathing exercises.

Solution #3: Face Fear

Another solution for you can be to face the fear so that you can live a happy life. The day you start running away from the fear you would start getting closer to it. It is better that you take your social phobia as a challenge and learn to face it. The day you start doing it, you would observe that your phobia is going away.

Solution #4: Strong Relationship

Social phobia is often caused due to the least social contacts. It is better that you start building the relationship by improving your contacts. As you would start having communication with more people, your concern about the self will start to go away. Moreover, you would start feeling comfortable with the thought of speaking to the people and being surrounded by various people.

Social phobia can really create problems for you when you’re trying to interact with people. If it is not taken care on time then it could hamper the social and interpersonal skill of a person. It is better that you take care of it and the necessary step to overcome the social phobia.