Sedentary Lifestyles And Its Problems

Sedentary problemsWhat Is Sedentary Lifestyle?
Sedentary lifestyle is medical term described by doctors for a person who performs no efficient physical activities, rather just sits. People enjoying sedentary lifestyle is also sometime termed as couch potato. It leads an individual to get more prone from hazardous health issues at earlier stage than compared to normal person, performing efficient physical task in a day. This lifestyle is as dangerous as smoking a cigarette.

Sedentary lifestyle can kill person, as the number of death caused by it is same as death caused by smoking or various other hazardous addictions.

It’s not just the mature youngsters, but the lifestyle does start taking place since from childhood. One can help sedentary person to break the habit at age of childhood than at possible at young age. The reason behind breaking chain of sedentary lifestyle is not able to burn necessary calories and exfoliate body toxic. Even if the sedentary person is given any physical task would surely find alternative solution cycling with biking, staircase with elevator and so on.

After time being, when a person is so habitual of such lifestyle even after performing better physical activity would feel exhausted or tired soon. Their body stops supporting them to gain energy and resistance power to fight against.

Health Issues Caused By Sedentary Lifestyle
Since sedentary lifestyles keep your body and its parts inactive for long period, it causes various health issues.  Thus, this issue is almost the one that stays with you for a long time. Here is following some sort of health issues caused by sedentary lifestyle:

  • Weaken blood circulation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Doubles the risk of cardiac disease
  • Heart stroke
  • Rise in cholesterol
  • muscle atrophy
  • diabetes
  • blood pressure
  • kidney stone
  • Osteoporosis or any other bone disease
  • Swelling on feet, caused due to blood clot
  • If the lifestyle persist severely could cause cancer kind of fatal disease as well.

What Things Make Sedentary Lifestyle Habitual?
After a hectic schedule or too much of physical task, body do seek for rest so that it regains energy for next task.  However, eventually as compare of physical task body do take much more of rest, just as feeling lazy. Such types of habits lead to grow sedentary lifestyle.

The lifestyle can arose at any point of time of life but majorly it is seen in kids, teenagers or mature youngsters. One can cut the habit of sedentary itself in childhood than in mature age.

Today we have advanced technology, even explore to young kids. Thus, addiction to various electronic makes them habitual of sedentary lifestyle, such as indoor games, computer games, watching TV for more than two hours, etc. Encourage your kid or any sedentary person to outdoor games, such as gymnastic, cycling, athletic, etc. It will not only exfoliate sedentary lifestyle, but will also develop physical characteristic in better way.