Low Cost Health Care Tips

It is an extremely essential phenomenon that we look after ourselves! Yes, this sounds obvious and very simple in sound, but however, to make the necessary efforts for meeting your dietary and workout requirements is very significant to keep you hale and hearty till you breathe the last breath!

low-cost-heathcare-tipsHow costly are those fruits and vegetables that you buy from the hawkers? Not a lot I’m sure! Not as much as paying premiums and funding you and your family’s life and health insurance policies. However, the easy way is always neglected by one! The easiest way to keep yourself hale and hearty all your life, is by keeping your intake enriched with lots of fruits and vegetables  – spinach and fenugreek for your iron requirements; tomatoes and other red – yellow coloured fruits to provide the essential healthy acids as well as vitamins and minerals in plenty! Potatoes can provide the important carbohydrates required for your energy levels to be high always. Not only those, you have beetroots, carrots and other vegetables to keep you off any deficiency that could impair your eyes and other sensory organs thereby making you spend heavy cheques of money on the cure and treatment of it.

Water – the elixir of life! Truly said, water is the elixir of life and it is one thing, which had in immense quantities shall also do no harm at all! Coconut water, natural available oils and other pulses and eggs which are commonly and cheaply available in the groceries and markets down town, or probably you have grown them at negligible cost in your tiny home garden, could fetch you the best health and keep you healthy as well as wealthy by saving up a lot of wealth which would be blown away on doctor’s otherwise!

If you have been low on budget and want to promote a green and healthy lifestyle for yourself as well as for your entire family, make sure your shopping bags boast some of these foods, to cut out the expenses on later on treatments etc. Pulses, beans, eggs, spinach, brown rice, whole wheat bread, soya beans, herbs like mint, carom seeds, basil and others, fruits like apples, bananas well as oranges could make up for your low budget yet heavy health menu! Exercising regularly, by walking walk able distances, will not only save the fuel and vehicle expenses but will also keep your heart healthy and in good condition. Obesity can kill you! Yes! It can lead to a host of other ailments; those related to blood sugar levels, hypertension and cardio vascular diseases which may lead to make you helpless! So helpless that you would have no option but to be prey to as dozen of expensive medication and antibiotics all your life! So walk wherever possible and seek to the exercises of yoga rather than hitting the gym that shall cost you a lot too!

So save up and yet be hale and hearty!