Cybersex Addiction- Traits And Risks

SEX is the hottest topic among adult internet users, with studies showing that fully a third of all visits directed to sexually associate chat rooms, blogs, websites, porns and new groups. These acts start off through normal curiosity, which makes people engage in an exciting sexual act that online brings gradually increasing the time they spend in cybersex.

cybersexMost of them these forays into internet sex are relatively harmless recreation chases, but professionals in the arena say that the easy accessibility, anonymity and affordability of internet surfing are fueling a brand new psychological disorder- Cybersex Addiction. This kind of internet sex addiction is spreading rapidly and bringing upheaval to the lives of those affected. Read further to know the traits and risks of cybersex addiction.

Traits Of Cybersex Addiction:

  • Online sex addicts become obsessed with the sexual behavior thereby spending several hours away from their family,work and hobbies to access it.
  • Experiencing shame or guilt following the sexual behavior
  • Binge style of internet sexual behavior.
  • Thoughts of being online or sexual websites, seep into the mind when offline or not engaged in sexual intercourse.
  • Visiting and cruising the “red light districts” in your town.
  • Making excuses or telling lies for your behavior.

However, internet happens to provide many of the things sex addicts seek at one  place: secrecy, isolation, pleasure, fantasy material, around the clock availability, rapid means of returning at low or no cost, but at the same time it could be risky too. Although internet sex addicts do not come across the same risks of disease, violence or arrest as much as traditional addicts do, cybersex addiction can trigger a lot of pain.

Besides, marriage therapists report that complications with online pornography are now the regular reason behind divorce cases between couples. Therapists of sex addiction explains that a cybersex addiction can disrupt  normal needed pleasure between partners. Due to this, cybersex addicts are unable to achieve the most of intimacy session as they can on internet porn sites. Not only this, many people do avoid sexual content  with their partner because of cyber sex addiction.

Like addictions to drugs or alcohols, or other sorts of dysfunctional sexual stuffs or behaviors, an internet sex addict may also need more actions to get high, until they neglect all their important responsibilities like jobs, families, hobbies etc. Once a person reaches the addiction phase, he or she may be unable to stop their behavior without the intervention of any professional cybersex therapist.

Sexual addictions  are often associated with socially offensive behaviors such as child pornography or other inexplicable sexual acts. Due to this, many who are addicted to internet sex refuse to admit the issues after being high.

Experts agree that the issues related to internet addiction is not that easy to address, but talking about the problem with family members and then seeking professional guidance can assist the addicted ones to live closer to healthy and addiction free life thereby restoring the lost or broken p relationships.