Curb the Risk of Cancer with Certain Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle ChangesCancer refers to an  uncontrolled growth of tissues that lead to the formation of tumor. The same. If not detected and treated at early stage, grow bigger and form cancer cells which multiply at a very fast rate and spread all over the body in no time. This ultimately leads to death. Therefore it is essential that cancer is detected and treated at early stage, though it is not always possible to diagnose the disease at early stage.

There can be various reasons behind cancer, the foremost being the leading of unhealthy lifestyle, characterized by too much smoking, alcohol, chewing of tobacco etc. causing lung, mouth or liver cancer. However, other forms of cancer may arise due to some unknown reasons and they are difficult to treat.

However, cancer can be checked, subject to certain modifications in lifestyle. Through the same, cancer can be detained at an early stage too. Some of the measures can be discussed as below:

  • Smoking is the most common and single biggest causative factor. The nicotine present in the tobacco is a rich source of carcinogen Cancer inhibitor that affects lungs and mouth, causing cancer in them. Thus smoking should be cut down – best if given up completely. That would help to arrest the growth of cancer cells to a considerable extent.
  • Another good friend of cancer is alcohol. This is something that affects the liver first on excess intake. It damages the liver cells and causes cancer cells to grow rapidly. Besides liver, it also affects breasts and bowels, increasing the chances of cancer. Thus alcohol must be avoided at all costs.
  • Keeping the Body Mass Index on the lower side is another effective way of combating cancer. One must have plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruits as these are not only anti-oxidants but can also bring down growth chances of cancer cells. Consumption of green tea is also very beneficial.
  • One very good way of keeping away from cancer is regular workout e.g. brisk walk, jogging etc. that help to keep the body fit as well as free the same from toxic substances that inhibit cancer.
  • One must try to avoid over exposure to sun rays as much as possible. It contains harmful UV rays – the inhibitors of skin cancer. Usage of sunscreen lotions and wearing of full-sleeve garments are recommended for people having to go out daily.
  • There are certain Sexually Transmitted diseases e.g. Hepatitis B, C etc. that may contain cancer cells and can multiply at a faster rate as well as get transmitted from one person to another by way of intercourse. Therefore, utmost care must be taken regarding safe sex and usage of contraceptives is recommended.

Thus, it is evident that causative factors behind cancer have got a lot to do with leading of lifestyle, food habits, level of addictions etc. which if not controlled, can reach a fatal extent, causing the life threatening cancer. This utmost care has to be taken regarding leading of a healthy and safe life that would ensure prevention against cancer to best possible extent.