7 Secrets To Add More Years To Your Life

Your style of living life should not be entirely dependent on how your parents live. Genetics play a balanced role in it, but you can have control on it. You can make your life healthier by making necessary changes to your lifestyle. If you want to live for long year, then you have to follow certain things that will help you in adding some extra years to the life.
live long lifeHere are some of the ways through which you can increase your life span.

Include Salad In Your Diet:

No one likes to have raw vegetables in their diet but the actual benefit gained by them is too much. Having a cup of raw vegetable daily can add up to 2 years to your life. Cooking the vegetables remove about 30% of the antioxidants from them. In order to fill you quota, you can have green peppers, carrots and broccoli. Avoid ordering salads from restaurants. Rather, have them at home by washing them properly.

Say No To Sugar:

Try to avoid sugary things and stuffs made of artificial sweeteners.  Also, consumption of excess sugar can make you diabetic and cause other health diseases. Pastries and cakes have lots of calories, avoid having them. They can make you obese which can lead to several health diseases. Ultimately this results in reduction of your life span.

Go For Nuts:

The nuts are very beneficial for health; they provide nutrients, vitamins and necessary proteins. If you have them for 5 days in a week then you can gain 2.9 years and add those to your life.

Exercise More:

In order to get a healthy life, you need to exercise more. This helps in building the resistance power so that you will not get any disease soon. This will successfully add more years to life. Cut down the calorie and fat content of the body to avoid obesity. Huge body mass can reduce your life by 3 years.

Drinks, Drugs And Cigarettes Are Your Enemies:

If you daily have alcohol and have a habit of smoking, then immediate quit it. Drinks and smoke can lessen your life by affecting liver and lungs. This can result into failure of liver or any heart disease. Drugs can cause addiction in an individual; once you get addicted to them, quitting them becomes difficult. Everything that is done in excess can be dangerous for health.

Don’t Take Stress:

Keep the pressures and tensions in your life aside. Taking stress can make your blood pressure go higher. Keep it cool and relax. This will definitely add years to your life.

Live Happily:

Whatever you feel inside, the similar is reflected outside. If you are unhappy and depressed from inside, you will always be like that. Try and make new friends, hang out with them and spend some healthy time. If you are happy inside, you will live far more years.

Go To Sleep Early At Night:

Normal adult needs around 8 hours of sleep to repair the tissues and injuries of the body. Your body and brain requires rest. Less sleep will show a negative impact on the body and ultimately reduces your life span.

Follow the normal and daily routine and have right diet to keep your body healthy. Nothing is more important than life and your health. Always remember ‘Health is Wealth’.