Knowing your Desires and Sex Life Better

Intimacy may be not simple for many. The concept itself holds a lot of mystery. You may not be able to perceive what you like or do not like. But there will be someone who makes your heart beat faster. At that moment, you may feel that everything is in tandem.

Knowing your Desires and Sex Life Better

You feel like talking to someone more than others. Giving in to them may seem easier than others. Why does all these exchange of feelings happen? The post below will help you to understand better.

Why Do You Get Attracted To Others?

There will be certain aspects that may appeal to you of others. When one starts to develop the sexual sense, this is quite normal. Those sweet pangs felt inside may make you feel very happy. This may be because you relate to that particular person more. It may also be purely physical attraction. But you will be comfortable with that individual.

Sexual attraction can be because of the way their body makes you feel good. But then your feelings may be involved too. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between these two.

Is It Infatuation or Love?

Now that you like a person, you have to understand what you exactly want. Do you want a relationship or just sex? Many people mistake their sexual desires as love and vice versa. The consequences can be harsh then. If you just want to touch them and get over with be, then your may just want sex.

If there is an emotional connection, you will want that person more than just fulfilling the bodily needs. Sometimes you may feel that you want to spend your life with that individual. But it may be just infatuation. You may fantasize about him or her without even defining what you want from them.

This can even turn into an obsession also. It is better to give yourself time and wait for the right moment. In this process of knowing the needs of self and the other individual will make you know if it is love or not.

Do Both of You Make a Good Pair?

How can you know if you make a good pair? It depends on how much compatible you are. Sometimes your likes will be very different from that person and vice versa. You may just feel that everything is working fine as you complete each other. Praises from friends and family members may make you feel surer about your desires.

It is also necessary that you know what is in the mind of your lover. Do they think same as you? Do they want a relationship for a long time or it is just a phase for them? It is very important to communicate your feelings to each other and save any heartache. Many a time, relationships die because people are not able to communicate their thought.

This can incite misunderstandings. Frustration resulting from it can be bad for the temper and the togetherness. You should keep a room for free expression. This allows the individual to tell what they want to without any hesitation.

Emotional and Physical Challenges

Emotional tension between couples is something that every person in a relation has to deal with. You should be responsive as well as supportive to your partner. If there are any conflicts, talk about it. Do not keep anything in your mind. It can result in further problems then. Persuade your lover to convey what they want to say. You also should be pro active in finding a solution to the problems.

If there is something that you both disagree on, relax yourself. Do not get hyper but try to find a solution that is easy to accept by both of you. There may be some physical compromises too. You may want to make love while your partner will not be interested. You both have to understand each other’s sexual desires and compliment in the way you can.

Sex and Feelings

Sometimes your sexual urge may be so strong that you need the presence of your partner. But all the time, it is not possible to satisfy your needs. At such instances, calm down. Do not get angry or blame anyone. Do not take out your frustration to a point that it spoils the relationship. Let your love know how you feel and that you need her or him.

Try not to get sex between your feelings. There may be time when you require your partner to be with you emotionally. That time, sex may not be the prime focus. Even your better half may want you the same way. So it is best to strike a conversation and know how and what will make both of you content.