Factors That Affect Women’s Delay in Menstrual Periods

Menstrual Periods

Regular period date of menstrual periods is sign of healthy women. There are many factors which affect the delay in these monthly periods; it is not necessary that these factors are unhealthy or risking. One of factor for delayed periods is pregnancy but it is not the only factor.

Especially in young girls there is misconception that the delay in menstrual periods is due to pregnancy only but pregnancy is not only the factor to delay, there are various factors other than pregnancy.

Once in a while if you miss your periods then it is totally fine but if it happens frequently, then it is time to get medical attention as soon as possible. Irregular periods in life of women are not lesser then any slow poison. Women or girl with such delay periods problem gradually starts developing various health issues that relates to her pregnancy, thyroid disease, imbalance hormones, appearing older than one’s age, weak bone etc. With medications and healthy diet any women can over this delay menstrual periods issues and bring back it to normal healthy schedule basis.

Find out if any of these factors is affecting you. If the answer is yes, find what things can overcome it but first priority to be given to doctor.

Irregular Menstruation

The natural menstruation is shedding of uterine lining. It happens on regular basis once in month or 35 days. Menstruation lasts till 4 to 5 days or even sometimes 7 days yet it is quiet normal. The case of irregular menstruation is quiet different here women or girl’s body almost takes gap of 35 days or more to get next period. In medical term, it is also called as Oligomenorrhea. Hence, the duration may be lengthy or vary depending upon lady and her health condition. Sometimes during duration of period, some women pass out so much of bleeding at one time that it ultimately delays the next menstrual schedule.  Excess of bleeding ultimately makes women sick and weak or the period is shorter than the natural time.


Menopause literally means end of menstrual periods or the monthly periods. Menopause could take place between age 41 to above 60. The later it stops is much better for women for women to stay happy and healthier. Same women or even girls get menopause before at earlier stage. The premature stopping of periods during young age from puberty and around 40 is said to be as premature ovarian failure (POF). The pre-menopause itself happens because of lack of blood, thyroid disease, diabetes, intake of various heavy medications etc.


Stress is a very risk part that could either stop your menstrual periods permanently such as above mentioned menopause or it could just affect the schedule of periods earlier or bit delaying. Stress affects our physically and mentally in both way. Hence, periods are surely like to be get affected. Stress in form of hypertension or high blood pressure imbalances hormones. The decrease the level hormones require for menstrual periods. Till to get next monthly periods the stressed body is not able to get enough hormones that results in delay of hormones or hormones imbalance.

Any issue regarding monthly periods of delaying or pre-stopped is curable with exact and proper medical help. As today there are various medicines with advanced medical science to overcome such tiny women’s health issue. All you need to do is be happy, stay happy and eat healthy thus; nothing will harm your menstrual periods yet neither to be get panic.